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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.15- Le Grand Guignol

We get an explanation as to what happened when Mikael visited New Orleans, Celeste continues her revenge, Hayley is a woman on a mission, and someone comes back to us.

Well, I knew that Mikael despised Klaus, but I did not realize how deep it truly went.  No wonder Klaus has daddy and trust issues.  His dad seems to blame him for being born and also for still being alive despite the fact that Klaus (obviously) had no control over the first and Mikael and Esther forced the second.  In fact, Mikael has completely dehumanized Klaus and declared that Klaus does not even deserve to exist.  Given that, I am totally not surprised that Klaus has issues.  Not that any of this actually relieves Klaus of any guilt for what he has done, but it does make it understandable.  Being chased relentlessly for hundreds of years by your mother's husband (who he still thinks of as his dad) and called a mongrel who has no right to exist?  Yeah, that'd make anyone go more than a little crazy.

I am also not surprised that when Klaus and Elijah fled with Rebekah, they thought that Marcel was dead.   Between being nailed to that cross and the opera house being burned down, I would have thought he was dead too.  I do get why Marcel did not greet Klaus with open arms though.  I also have to wonder how exactly Marcel got out of the opera house alive.  Did Mikael free him before he left?  Or did Marcel somehow wake up enough to get out of there?

Elijah's deal with the witch was an inspired idea.  If Celeste was being honest, she could continue as she was.  If, however, she was lying and was only interested in herself, then she would go elsewhere.  And elsewhere turned out to be back into her own body.  I assume that the spell trapped her there, or else I don't think Elijah would have killed her.  Hopefully this means that Celeste is gone and we only have Genevieve left to deal with.

So happy that Davinna is back.  I wonder how powerful she is now that the Harvest is over, but it will be nice to see her back.  Assuming that she still has her power, I think she should be able to break the barrier spell that Celeste put up with relative ease.  She may also be called in to battle with Genevieve or something.  That should be interesting.  Genevieve is definitely powerful, but if Davinna is still carrying around anywhere near the same level of power she was before, it should be an interesting time.  Maybe if Davinna is in Marcel's corner, we can have a draw and relative peace in New Orleans.

Hayley has the cure for her family.  It appears that she'll have to wait until they transform back into humans, but it will hopefully work.  If not, then life will be interesting.  Since Celeste is now (apparently) permanently gone, there might be no other way to break the hex unless somehow the other witches can figure out a way to undo it collectively.

Now that we have the three Original siblings trapped in a graveyard together, life ought to be very exciting.  Klaus has the oak stake his mother created for Alaric (I think) and has murder on his mind.  Elijah is determined to prevent that murder and Rebekah (I assume anyway) wants to as well.  Next week ought to be interesting.