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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.16- Farewell to Storyville

Someone leaves, Marcel tries to stand up to Klaus, the witches make a demand, and we learn more about the Originals' childhood.

Well, I cannot say that I was expecting Rebekah to completely leave.  I figured that she'd be gone for a few episodes and then show back up for some reason.  I will miss her.  While she is not my favorite character, she was always fun to watch, even if her constant feuding with Klaus did get a bit repetitive after a few years.  I guess the question is whether or not her calling Mikael to New Orleans was a result of Klaus' actions or not.  Watching the two of them argue back and forth about it was interesting to see.  Klaus is paranoid and determined to prove that she wanted to actually kill him, whereas she (at first) maintained that she just wanted to make him suffer.  She did admit that she sort of wanted him dead, but can you blame her after everything he has done?

So now we are down to Elijah and Klaus.  Klaus is not terribly happy with Elijah because Elijah "betrayed" him by protecting Rebekah, but Klaus did cause Elijah tremendous pain via the curved stake, so that appears to have worked itself out.  When Elijah came into the courtyard at the end of the episode and ordered everyone to leave, it was one of his scary moments.  He is so calm about his threats that they are actually scarier than Klaus yelling.  Then there was his very pointed threat to Marcel.  He chose to spare Marcel out of respect for Rebekah, but he did promise Marcel that if he set foot in the Quarter again, he would die.  And it looked like Marcel believed him.  Is Elijah going to become Klaus' enforcer now?  Or is he simply trying to make nice with his brother again?

Gotta admire the fact that Marcel tried to stand up to Klaus.  Unfortunately, it didn't amount to much because of Klaus' indifference and Elijah's arrival.  Marcel really has lost all of his power.  The witches don't fear him anymore, Klaus is ignoring him, Rebekah has left, Elijah has exiled him, and Davinna is back with the witches.  If Marcel is planning on getting his power back, I want to know how he plans to manage it since he really has very little left.  He can't use Klaus again like he has in the past and I don't think anyone else will work with him for fear of the wrath of the Originals.  This should be interesting.

So the witches wanted Davinna back.  I am curious as to why.  Davinna is not fond of them after they tried to kill her, but she is also afraid of the ancestors and what they will do if she steps out of line again.  It appears that she can be used as a symbol by the witches, but I am not sure how.  Gonna be interested to see how this one plays out.

Watching more snippets of the Originals' childhood just makes it clearer why Klaus is the way he is.  Mikael hated Klaus so much that he wouldn't encourage him at all and would, in fact, beat him in order to toughen him up.  One time, he beat Klaus so badly that Rebekah had to threaten him with a sword in order to save Klaus' life.  To see that and then to see how far they've fallen is quite depressing.  Both Elijah and Rebekah love Klaus deeply, but Klaus is so suspicious and so damaged that he can't see it.

New episode next week and then we're off for a month.  See y'all then!