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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.17- Moon Over Bourbon Street

Elijah attempts to impose peace on the Quarter, Marcel plots his return, Davina is still dealing with what happened while she was dead, and Klaus makes a deal with the wolves...

First, I want to apologize for how late this is.  I missed the episode on Tuesday and didn't have time to watch it until tonight.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Elijah has an interesting situation on his hands.  Klaus is seemingly apathetic to what is going on in the Quarter, so it falls to Elijah to keep the peace.  The problem is that you have witches and vampires attacking each other and humans in the streets in the middle of the day.  Not exactly conditions which are amenable to peace and harmony.  Marcel was able to keep the peace using Davina as a tool to control the witches, but Elijah doesn't have that sort of power.  Everything that bubbled under the surface while Marcel ruled has broken out now.  Elijah may very well have to turn into Klaus in order to keep New Orleans peaceful.

That may be the reason why Klaus is seemingly apathetic.  I suspect that he wants to see Elijah turn into him.  After all, that would be a sweet sort of revenge for Klaus.  Elijah and Rebekah were always on Klaus for what he did, so to see Elijah have to embrace those same ideas would be give Klaus an "I told you so!" moment.  Given that, I do wonder why Klaus is making deals with the wolves.  Is it really that he appreciates their sense of loyalty to family and pack (which is something he craves)?  Or is he trying to push things in such a way as to force Elijah down a certain road?

Marcel is plotting how to get New Orleans back for himself.  He got Josh to help Davina use her magic again and is trying to build an army out of the vampires who left the compound.  I must admit that I can't believe that Josh is doing something that Marcel wants.  Granted, Davina needed the help because of everything that happened, but those two should know that helping Marcel or Klaus is a bad idea.

Davina has her mojo back and it appears to be quite strong.  I highly doubt that she has anywhere near the amount of power that she had before, but she appears to still have a good amount.  Hopefully Monique will smarten up and stop being such a queen bee bitch towards Davina.  Something happened to her while she was dead and it didn't change her for the better.  From what we saw of her before, she was basically a good person, but now she seems to be a fanatic and somewhat unstable.

I wonder if somehow Davina could turn back into the powerhouse that helped keep the peace.  If she was able to choose the role, rather than be tricked into it, she would handle it better.  Elijah has always dealt fairly with her (although he did use her for his own ends), so maybe she would work with him.  If Davina could fulfill the same role again, that would be a very good thing.

The new human representative gives me the screaming willies.  Something about her is so incredibly shifty, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.  I don't trust her at all and suspect that she is so much more than what she appears to be.

This 3 way war brewing between the vampires, wolves, and witches is so not going to be pretty if it breaks out.  The humans may be able to affect the outcome somewhat, but for the most part, I suspect that they will just have to sit this out and see what happens.  With Klaus stirring the pot by inciting the wolves, things are going to get very tricky.  I know that Genevieve (and probably the returned teens) could hurt the Originals if needed, I don't know if the witches could do much more than just protect themselves from Klaus or Elijah if their ire is raised.  I also don't know if a normal werewolf would be able to stop Elijah.  Klaus is obviously immune to the vampiric weakness to wolf bites and we know that a hybrid can affect Elijah, but can a normal wolf?

Next episode is in a few weeks.  See y'all then!