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Monday, March 3, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.21- The Fox and the Wolf

This episode was a exposition heavy episode meant to fill us in on back story before moving onto the final set of episodes, much like "Visionary" from over the summer.  We learn about why the nogitsune and Kira's family are in Beacon Hills while Sheriff Stilinski enlists Mr. Argent, Derek, and Allison to help him find Stiles.

To truly do this episode justice, I will have to summarize the events that Kira's mom describes before talking about the characters.  Kira's mom is a 900-year old kitsune who was in a internment camp at Oak Creek.  Yes, the one that Kira's dad claimed never existed.  While there she met a soldier who she embarked on a relationship with.  They discovered that the doctor at the internment center was stealing medicine and selling on the black market and as of this several people died.  The internees had a little bit of a riot before calming down a little, but one of the internees (who was a werewolf) threw a molotov cocktail-like weapon that killed the boyfriend.  This caused the soldiers to open fire, killing many of the internees.  They took all of the bodies (including Kira's mom and her boyfriend's body) to the desert to burn them.  Kira's mom was (obviously) not dead, so she asked for a nogitsune to come and possess her so that she could get revenge.  The nogitsune possessed her boyfriend instead, killed the soldiers and most of the people in the camp, and went to the insane asylum and slaughtered people there before Kira's mom was able to stop it by stabbing it with her katana after the interned wolf stabbed the nogitsune in the back.  The katana shattered, and Kira's mom buried it (along with the body) in the wall of the asylum, where it would later be freed.  She then took a fly the flew out of its mouth, put it in a jar, and buried it beneath the Nemeton where the fly was freed when Scott, Allison, and Stiles sacrificed themselves in order to save their parents.  So now Kira's mom is insisting that Kira needs to use the reforged sword (through some nifty kitsune power that Kira has as a thunder kitsune) and stab Stiles in order to get rid of the nogitsune.

Whew!  That was a lot of story for one episode, but it did answer a lot of questions.  I have to wonder how much of this Deaton knew when he warned Scott, Stiles, and Allison about what they were doing.  I also suspect that this is part of the reason Derek's family is in Beacon Hills.  If they were guardians, it must have had something to do with the power of the Nemeton.  Now Scott has to figure out a way to expel the nogitsune from Stiles.  We know that stabbing the host only traps the nogitsune, as it was obviously able to find its way out after what Kira's mom did.  I wonder if there might be a ritual of some sort to get rid of the nogitsune.  After all, Kira's mom called for it, so maybe there is a way to uncall it.

I am not entirely sure what was up with the look on Kira's face after she got the sword.  I know some people think that she intends to stab Stiles, but I sincerely hope that she is willing to follow Scott's lead.  Stile now has at least 3-4 people looking to kill him if needed: Kira, her mom, Mr. Argent, and (maybe) Derek.  I also strongly suspect that Peter could be added to that list since he is the most pragmatic of the group and has proven more than willing to kill in order to help himself.

Enlisting help was incredibly smart on Sheriff Stilinski's part.  Mr. Argent has dealt with this before, Derek is part of the family of guardians, and Allison is incredibly capable.  It was nice to see that she was able to admit to being so affected by everything that has been going on.  I am not surprised that she has been, but it was nice to see her say it.  She gave Sheriff Stilinski something that he needed.  She showed that the gang is as scared as he is and still needs him.

Taking those brain scans to the doctor's last week was smart.  Sheriff Stilinski was able to confirm that the brain scans from Stiles were *IDENTICAL* to those of his mother, which is an impossibility.  Even in the same person, I am pretty sure that two different brain scans will not be identical.  Stilinski was able to help explain why Stiles gave into the nogitsune, it took away his sense of hope.  By tricking him into thinking that he was sick like his mother, it took away his sense of hope for the future, therefore making him an easier target.  Very smart maneuver.  By the way, what was up with labeling Derek the king on that chess board?  Was it a warning that the nogitsune is after him (since he is of the family of guardians) or is it something else?

Scott is now stuck in a very hard place.  He knows what Kira's mom (and possibly Kira) intends and he is determined to save Stiles.  He has the scroll which says that you can get rid of the nogitsune by changing the body of its host, but is that scroll reliable?  Will he be able to help Kira stab Stiles if needed?

Three episode left in the season.  Until next week!