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Monday, March 10, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.22- De-Void

The nogitsune causes even more chaos, this time among the supernaturally inclined; a surprising person comes to the rescue of Sheriff Stilinski; Melissa receives a shock; Scott shows his Alpha side to surprising effect; and Lydia makes a deal with a surprising person....

If there was someone I would not have expected Lydia to make a deal with, it was Peter.  Considering everything he has done to her and the gang, I was surprised that she was willing to make him any sort of promise.  Then again, if he is as desperate to find his daughter as he appears, it means that he can be trusted to uphold his end of the bargain.  Doesn't make me any less surprised, but I guess it does make sense.  She gets to save Stiles in exchange for giving Peter the name of his daughter.  Pretty good deal from her end.

And regardless of what you think of him, Peter did deliver.  Scott was looking for how to free Stiles from the nogitsune and was ready to bite him, hoping to expel the nogitsune that way.  Fortunately, Peter knew how to do the mind-entering thing and told Scott how he and Lydia could work together to help Stiles.  And what a journey that was!  The nogitsune took Lydia back to the night she was bitten by Peter and took Scott into the closet with "Alison" after trapping both of them by tying them down to a bed.  That scene with Stiles and the nogitsune playing that game (think it was checkers) was a little odd.  And then Alpha Scott came through with the howl that broke Stiles away from the nogitsune and caused all of the affected people (see below) to drop.  And then Teen Wolf introduced us to a whole new level of disgusting by having Stiles throw up what must have been several yards of wrapping.  When it was peeled off, we saw...Stiles!  Apparently "Stiles" was actually the nogitsune and it left with Lydia.  Not good.

While not disgusting, it was a little disturbing to see "Stiles" stab himself and then see flies come out of the wound.  To see them then go and crawl into Ethan, Aiden, Derek, and Isaac was interesting, if only because we got to see what each of them thinks at some deep, dark level.  Ethan blames Aiden for not being in Scott's pack and thinks he is a loose cannon.  Aiden thinks Ethan is weak.   Isaac hates them both (<sarcasm> total shocker there! </sarcasm>) and Derek blames all of the Argents for what happened to his family.

That three way wolf brawl between Ethan, Aiden, and Isaac was brief and interrupted by Kira and Allison attempting to stop it.  I do wonder how Allison managed to handle the katana so well.  I assume that, since it is a sword, she has a certain amount of carry over ability from her other fighting skills.  The two of them better be grateful that Scott managed to stop the nogitsune when he did, because otherwise I guarantee they would have been used as mops for the floor.  I know that they are both good fighters, but I don't see them being able to fight the twins and Isaac.  Well, not unless Kira were to use some of he kitsune abilities on them somehow.

Watching Derek with Mr. Argent was weird.  The two of them have settled into a wary sort of friendship, so finding out that Derek does blame him on some level for what Kate did is a little disturbing.  I really hope it doesn't affect them too much, because I do like watching the two of them work together.  They do make a really good team.

What exactly did Stiles overhear Melissa say to his dad?  I am so hoping it is nothing as banal as an affair, because that would just be annoying.  Given what the nogitsune said and Melissa's reaction, it must be something pretty bad, particularly if she actually thinks that Scott will hate her for what happened.  The two of them are so close, that I am trying to imagine what could be that big.  Then again, it could also be something relatively small that has been hidden for so long that it will be a big thing now.

I was very surprised that Agent McCall came to Sheriff Stilinski's defense.  It could be that he genuinely thinks that no one can handle things as well as Stilinski can or it may be that he wants to get in Scott's good graces.  If it is the latter, that is flat out wrong.  Sorry, but manipulating your son's emotions to get close to him is just wrong.

That first scene was uber-intense.  I knew that Argent wouldn't shoot Stiles, but watching the nogitsune order Argent to shoot him and Sheriff Stilinski hold a gun to Argent was just intense.  Thank goodness Allison realized what was going on and also removed the firing pin from Argent's gun.

Two more weeks until the finale!  See y'all next week!