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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.23- Insatiable

As promised, there was a major death (and it was a shocker!).  There were also a couple of fake-outs, a story from Scott's dad, and one massive fight....

Allison Argent is dead.  That was a complete shock to me.  If I were asked, I would have put her in my top three or four safe people (the others being Scott, Stiles, and Lydia, in that order).  Scott is obviously safe since he is the titular character.  Stiles was there because he would have been such an obvious choice to kill that I figured that one out.  I honestly have no particular reason for listing Lydia there aside from a very strong feeling that she would be safe.  I had always thought that Allison/Scott was the endgame, so I didn't see her dying.  I would have put Isaac, Derek, or the twins as the most likely to die.

Allison dying does open up a lot of doors story wise.  Aside from Stiles and his mother, Allison was the one person whose death is guaranteed to unhinge Scott to some degree.  They were each others' first big love, so he'll have to deal with losing her.  Her death may also lead to Mr. Argent becoming unhinged and/or leaving the show.  Scott will also be forced to deal with the death of someone really close to him and that could bring his leadership into question to some degree.  I do wonder if Kira may be around to stay at this point as Scott's newest pack member/love interest or if she'll leave after the nogitsune is (presumably) dealt with next week.  This is going to be very interesting to see.

To add to the hurt, the nogitsune was still wearing Stiles' form when it wrested control of the oni from Kira's mom.  Given the fact that it was one of the oni that killed Allison and that the nogitsune is here because of her, Scott will probably harbor some seriously ill will towards Kira's mom.  This will also probably complicate Scott and Stiles' friendship because of the nogitsune's form.  Talk about some serious complications.

Looking back at the episode, there were some clues about Allison's death.  The way she said goodbye to her dad when making the arrowheads was a big one as was the call she made to him and his warnings to stay away.  The talk with Isaac in the car was a smaller one.  Basically, in retrospect, they were wrapping up her relationships with people before she died.  Not in an obvious way, but one that totally makes sense retrospectively.

I have to compliment Dylan for managing to play two completely different characters at the same time.  He had the nogitsune who was taking an almost sadistic pleasure in what was going on and in the way he was torturing Lydia.  Then there was Stiles who was weakening gradually as the episode went on.  I suspect that the fact that the nogitsune is wearing his body is what is making him sicken.  If I'm right, then killing the nogistune will cause Stiles to get better.  If it is something else, then we definitely have reason to worry.

What is up with the girl from the asylum?  Does she have an ability that is driving her mad or is her madness allowing her to see beyond our reality and into the supernatural reality?  She could be a banshee, but if so I want to know how she became one.  The problem with her warning is that it was too general and not strong enough.  Maybe that was all the warning Lydia could give under the circumstances though.

I loved watching Coach taser the guy from the asylum.  That was quite fun to see.  I will admit that I was secretly hoping to see the guy get tasered someplace a little more painful, but it didn't happen and I'll leave it at that.  :-)

I am so hoping that the story Scott's dad told him about Scott falling down the stairs was not the big secret.  If so, I will be massively disappointed.  I know I said I was hoping they weren't going to go the affair route, but that story was so minor that it didn't seem to be worth the time.  Not that dropping a baby/kid down the stairs is good or anything, but with no lasting damage, it seemed very anticlimatic.

So we have the twins shot with wolfsbane laced shells (what was up with Mr. Argent's reaction to the shell?), Isaac looking like he received several wounds from the oni, Allison dead, Stiles seemingly near death, and Scott completely devastated.  I cannot wait for next week to see how exactly how this all plays out in the season finale.

Until then!