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Monday, March 24, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.24- Divine Move

The nogitsune goes down and takes others with him, Isaac and Mr. Argent discover what Allison figured out, someone surprising knows about werewolves, someone comes and another leaves, and a shocking figure from the past shows up most unexpectedly (and unwelcomely!)

I was a little surprised at Mr. Argent's reaction to Allison's death.  Not terribly surprised, but still a little surprised.  Her death caused him to completely sublimate any feelings of grief he had in order to focus on figuring out how to take down the oni and nogitsune. Fortunately, he was able to be human enough to comfort Isaac who was in complete shock over what happened.  He also coached Scott on what to say to the police about what happened to Allison.  Fortunately for all concerned, Isaac and Mr. Argent were able to figure out how Allison destroyed an oni.  Silver can destroy them as long as it stays in the body.  That is why Mr. Argent was able to hurt (but not kill) an oni when he shot it when he was younger.  Problem is that the bullet went straight through the oni, hurting it but not destroying it.

After searching for how to join Scott's pack, Ethan and Aiden finally got it after Derek informed them that they needed to do what Scott would do: stand and fight to protect others regardless of the cost.  And boy, did they pay a price.  Aiden managed to destroy an oni but not before being impaled on the oni's sword.  That has to seriously suck.  I am glad that they finally did get it and were able to channel their aggression in the right way.  I also have to say that I am definitely liking Derek more as a mentor than a leader.  He can teach quite well and understands what is going on quite well.  When Ethan was saying good bye to Danny, I was completely shocked to hear Danny tell Ethan that he knew Ethan was a werewolf.  How long has Danny known?  As far as I can remember, Danny has never seen anyone from the group change or anything, so I don't know how he knew.  Then there is the casual way he said it, like everyone knew about werewolves.  Inquiring minds so want to know....

Stiles' "divine move" was inspired.  When the nogitsune had him, Scott, Lydia, and Kira trapped in that illusion, Stiles figured out what was going on and got them out.  Then he managed to set up the nogitsune to be bitten by Scott.  Honestly, I half expected that Scott would have to turn Stiles himself in order to change the body of the host, but apparently the host body the nogitsune was using was real enough to be changed by Scott's bite.  At least the nogitsune is trapped now and I suspect that Argent and Isaac left to put it somewhere where it will never be found.  I just worry about what Stiles is going to do after everything that has happened.  I don't think that he'll withdraw from the fight, but I suspect that he will either hang back a little bit more or he'll learn how to fight in order to be a more active participant.  I am hoping for the second, but either is a perfectly valid possibility.

I wonder if Mr. McCall is going to stick around for a while.  I hope he can repair his relationship with Scott.  Also, if as implied by the scene with Isaac and Argent leaving, he may prove to be an invaluable ally in a fight.  Scott will just have to persuade him that the supernatural is real.  Scott could really use his dad right now.  His first love was just killed and Scott is still reeling from what happened.  It would be nice to see the three of them together in some capacity.

Kate Argent is alive and changed by Peter's claws.  That so cannot be a good thing.  I think that she will be out for some serious revenge on all sorts of people, particularly those whom she will blame for Allison's death.  That woman wasn't stable before Peter killed her, and I can't imagine that much has changed.

Malia is sticking around to be taught by Scott.  I hope that Kira will stick around too, because I do like her.

Until June 23rd y'all!