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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.15- Enemy of My Enemy

Ultra teams up with Julian, Astrid goes to John for help, and there's a confrontation in the Tomorrow People's hiding place.

Teaming up with Julian was not a smart move.  Even though they implanted that bomb in his head, the potential for disaster was just too great.  The problem is that Julian is a psychopath and cannot be controlled.  Granted, since Cara was in charge and he showed Cara the ropes, he did have an advantage of being able to predict her movements.  My question is why Jedikiah gave Julian unfettered control of the Kill Squad.  Granted, Julian did figure out what Stephen is doing, but his initial reason for having Stephen around was in order to have a weapon to use against Jedikiah if needed.

I was seriously surprised that Cara was able to let the bomb go off.  I know that it was the most pragmatic option, but I did not expect it of her.  I must also admit that it was the lesser of evils all told.  If she had let Julian go, he would have revealed Stephen's double agent status to Jedikiah, continued to come after the Tomorrow People, and quite possible kill many more people.  The trap was a nice one, particularly because it had the suppressors, which was an element that Julian could not have predicted.

I loved seeing Astrid and John together.  He is able to give her the insight into Stephen's world that she desperately needed and also helped her through the trauma in a way that Stephen couldn't because he was such an integral part of the trauma.  Seeing her with Stephen at the end was especially nice.  They really do need more scenes with Astrid and Stephen.

It was nice to see that Cara and John managed to work out their issues.  They're both incredibly stubborn and both will stand by what they think is the right thing to do.  That is what caused their conflict.  Well, that and the fact that Cara demanded unquestioning obedience from John.  That is never a good thing.  But they have obviously made up, so that is good for them.

Watching how the two of them met was interesting.  Cara initially thought that John was a member of Ultra and ran from him.  Lucky for her, he was around to save her from the Ultra agents who attacked her.  That was an impressive telekinetic throw that she did.  The guy went flying over the top of the van.  I swear that I heard bones breaking when he landed.  That had to hurt!

Stephen really didn't have much to do on his own this week.  He mainly reacted to what other people were doing.  It was actually sort of a nice break for him.  Poor guy kept getting attacked or having his abilities suppressed for most of the episode.  He couldn't save his friends that way he normally would.  I do want to know what that device he found at the end of the episode was.  It reacted to him in a serious way.  Maybe it will lead him to his father?

Next episode is Monday the 17th.  See y'all then!