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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.16- Superhero

A little more backstory on Russell, Stephen continues his search for his dad, Cara and John are back together, and a few secrets are revealed.

Four years ago, in Vegas, Russell met another Tomorrow Person named Talia who wanted to use her powers to help people.  When a Tomorrow Person with the same MO appears in the city, he assumes it's here.  Turns out that Talia has disciples who go from city to city using their powers to help people out.  I must say that as ideas go, it is a good one.  Cara and John (naturally) hate the idea because it risks exposing their powers to normal people.

I have to say that this argument is getting tired.  I know that Cara and John are both doing what they think is the best for everyone, but Russell had a point when he said that they were being presented with a false dichotomy: either join Ultra or hide.  There is the third option of using their powers to help people.  Does it risk exposure?  Yes, however it is better to help people than not.  Stephen has been arguing for something similar since he found out about his powers.  He wants to find a third option that is neither Ultra nor hiding.  The third path is, as I said earlier, incredibly risky, but it is ultimately the best choice.

Finding out about Hillary's past was very interesting.  She saw her family killed and so wants to protect people from evil.  Her joining Ultra actually makes sense here.  She sees Ultra as the best way to protect people from the bad people out there so that there are no more families like hers.  It also explains her drive to be the best.  She wants to be out fighting to protect people.  Now, that being said, I would not put it beyond her to have made that up in order to get close to Stephen and see if he is a traitor or something.  So, I'll reserve judgment on her for the moment.

Cara really needs to loosen her grip on things.  She is being overly controlling and insisting that everyone fall in line with what she thinks is best and she's been doing this ever since she was voted leader by the group.  No wonder Russell and Stephen are rebelling against her.  John let both of them have more rein, but Cara doesn't seem to trust them and it seriously chafes at the both of them.  If Cara could loosen up a bit, then she would be an infinitely better leader and maybe have a chance of both Russell and Stephen actually listening to her.  That being said, her diversion was brilliant. It got everyone out without putting anyone at serious risk.

Stephen and Jedekiah are going to need a seriously long chat.  Jedekiah has figured out that Stephen is still in contact with John and Cara and Stephen knows that Jedekiah has his dad's body.  I am not entirely sure how the two of them are going to sort this one out.  I so hope they actually have this out in next week's episode because I have to see this one.

Until next week!