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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.17- Endgame

I am actually glad I left this for its own day because the episode was fairly momentous and deserves my undivided attention.  Cara met a new breakout who was a familiar face from her past, Jedekiah enlists Stephen to help him and John is dragged along, we get some backstory on the founding of Ultra, and Callie returns....

This episode introduced a definite rift between Jedekiah and the Founder.  Jedekiah insists that the Founder is bent on destruction and the Founder insists that Jedekiah is jealous of what the Tomorrow People have and poisoned Roger's mind against him.  This rift seems to be the next obstacle for Stephen to navigate.  Jedekiah claims that he knew the whole time that Stephen was a double agent for the Tomorrow People and that he set events in motion in order to set the Founder up to be killed by John.  While this may be true, I strongly suspect that Jedekiah merely took advantage of circumstances in order to fulfill his own ends.  Unfortunately for him, Jedekiah has lied to Stephen one too many times, so when the Founder told Stephen that what he and John were doing was only for Jedekiah's good, Stephen started to believe him.

The question here is which one is telling the truth?  To be honest, I suspect that both of their stories have an element of the truth.  The Founder does seem to be bent on having the Tomorrow People control the world and Jedekiah does definitely seem to be jealous of what Roger and the Founder have.  The problem is that both have deluded themselves into believing their own tales, so I don't think there is really a good way to tell exactly what is going on.  Jedekiah lost this round when John failed to kill the Founder and he had to flee, but you know that man has more up his sleeve.

I wonder if John really believed what Jedekiah was saying or if he went along with it in the hope of getting Roger back and ending the struggle between Ultra and the Tomorrow People.  Unfortunately, I do not think that killing the Founder would have ended the war on the Tomorrow People.  Jedekiah does seem genuinely worried about what the Tomorrow People can do (not that I blame him, given the Founder) and we know how much he loves his experiments.  If the war were to end and the Tomorrow People were to come to the surface, I am sure that Jedekiah would find a way to capture and study them.

Stephen is going to be walking a very narrow path, one which has destruction on either side.  Stephen is powerful enough that both Jedekiah and the Founder want him on their side.  I wonder what that chair is that the Founder was referring to and why Roger destroyed it.  I feel fairly safe when I say that it is probably something that Roger invented and realized could be put to evil use, so he destroyed it to prevent either the Founder or Jedekiah from getting their hands on it.  Stephen doesn't know what is truly going on (not that we do either!), so he seems susceptible to manipulation at the hands of either of these two masters of the craft.  He is mostly concerned about getting his father back and protecting people, so it will be interesting to see what he does.

As a boy, Jedekiah seems to have been fairly unpopular given that scene we saw where he had been bullied and had a gun.  When Roger first used telekinesis to stop that bullet, Jedekiah was definitely intrigued.  Then there was that laboratory and the first meeting with the Founder.  Jedekiah seemed so sad (and a little upset actually) at being left out of the telepathic conversation.  I do want to know how exactly he knew what they thought at each other.  I assume Roger told him, but we never heard for sure.  And that appears to be how Ultra was founded.

Cara met a breakout and it was her sister, who was none too pleased at the turn of events.  I am not sure how much of the anger the sister showed was due to her budding powers and how much of it was because she was mad at Cara for leaving, but both were definitely present.  She definitely wanted to stay a ballet dancer, so Cara giving her the bracelet was a good thing.  I almost hate to say this, but if that shot would help her, it might not have been the worst idea.

Callie is dead because of what she, Jedekiah, John, Stephen, and the Founder did.  John fired the bullet, the Founder deflected it and it hit Callie who conspired with John, Jedekiah, and Stephen to kill her dad.  This cannot end well for anyone involved.

Until next week!