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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Review of Tomorrow People 1.18- Smoke and Mirrors

The Founder is back at Ultra, Stephen's separation from the Tomorrow People widens, Jedekiah is desperate, and someone new finds out about the Tomorrow People.

The question of the week is who can Stephen trust more: the Founder or Jedekiah?

Jedekiah is his uncle, but he has also repeatedly lied to Stephen and has committed almost unspeakable acts of cruelty.  So why should Stephen trust him when he is warning Stephen about the Founder?  It is the problem of the boy who cried wolf.  Jedekiah is so unreliable at this point that it is hard to believe him.  Then, to top it off, Jedekiah told Luca the whole truth and forced Stephen to choose between revealing his powers or saving Luca.  As if that is really a choice Stephen could have made.

The Founder is also seemingly untrustworthy.  He experimented on his own daughter, shows signs of paranoia (or some other type of mental instability), is manipulative, and sent people to kill Astrid when she found out about the Tomorrow People.  On the other hand, he does seem to have changed in the wake of his daughter's death, so it is possible that he has turned over a new leaf.

Stephen, somewhat unsurprisingly, chose to ally himself with the Founder, reasoning that he can still effect change from within Ultra.  After everything Jedekiah has done to Stephen personally, I find it hard to blame Stephen for his choice.  John seemed to be inclined to let Stephen follow his instincts until the blatant emotional manipulation by Jedekiah when he revealed Roger's body to John.  Cara, on the other hand, didn't even give the Founder's words a second (or even a first for that matter) thought.  She dismissed the whole idea out of hand and pushed Stephen further away in the process.  She also was clearly jealous, which didn't help her cause at all.  After the way she has been acting, I am totally unsurprised that Stephen ignored her.  Her leadership skills have not been up to par and she has done enough to damage Stephen's trust in her that I don't think she had a chance of him listening to her.

Is Stephen being manipulated?  Yes, he is.  But the question is whether the manipulation will benefit him, the Founder, or everyone.  We know that Jedekiah is scared of the machine, but it could be because the machine will give the Founder some sort of leg up on everyone else.  I have a theory about the machine and the "tracking devices" the Founder was talking about.  The Founder said that the devices attached themselves to the cerebellum, which is the part of the brain that helps to coordinate movement.  I suspect that the devices somehow allow the Founder to control the movements of the people who they are in.  The machine will somehow use Stephen's power to enable the devices and allow the Founder to have an army with which he will try and wipe out the homo sapiens.

Can anyone blame Luca for flipping out at the revelation of what Stephen can do?  And then he found out that both of his parents have the paranormal powers as well, so his world is completely upended.  I cannot blame Stephen for wanting to protect Luca, and I really hope that Luca sees that everything Stephen has done was to help his family have as normal of a life as possible.  In fact, I suspect that is also a part of the reason why Stephen is going along with the Founder.  If a normal life can be achieved, that would be something that Stephen has wanted for some time now.

Until April 14th!