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Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.15- Girl Gone

3 characters take a bow (one in a most unexpected way), one character comes back, Caroline goes off on Tyler, someone beside Bonnie is after Jeremy, and sore loser takes on a whole new meaning....

Katherine, Nadia, and Wes have all shuffled off this (im)mortal coil.  Nadia succumbed to Tyler's bite, Katherine was forced out of Elena's body by the Traveler's knife, and Wes played doctor with Damon and lost.  Out of the three of them, I am not sure if I am going to miss Katherine or Nadia more.  Although we only knew Nadia for a short period of time, I definitely grew to like and admire her.  Her only real fault was being too loyal to Katherine, but that is completely understandable.  I think she could definitely have been one of the good vampires had circumstances been different.

Katherine, on the other hand, I will miss for other reasons.  She may have been an uber-bitch, but I still loved her.  So much of her life was forced in directions dictated by the fact that she is a Petrova doppleganger and by Klaus chasing her.  If she had been left alone after being turned, I do think that she may have turned out a lot differently.  Not that this excuses anything she did, but it does provide reasons for her actions.  She was right to point out that each of the characters has been shaped and affected by her (as I noted here).  Not that she has been a positive force or anything, but she has been a major factor in their lives.

I want to know where Katherine was taken off to.  That exit was really weird.  Something threw her back from Bonnie, dragged her out of the church, and then launched her into the sky.  I can think of two main possibilities.  First, the spell the Travelers cast is keeping her on earth and dragged her to them.  Second, she is being sent to hell or something.  The only thing wrong with the second idea is that as a vampire and doppleganger, she should have passed to the Other Side.  Inquiring minds want to know.

And tonight Katherine redefined sore loser.  She knew that the gang knew about her switch with Elena, so she decided to take Elena and others down with her by injecting Elena with a souped up version of the ripper virus.  She said that since Elena gets everything, she was going to ensure that Elena did not get Stefan.  What Katherine never got is that Elena gets things because she is a genuinely good person, not because she is manipulative or anything.  I honestly think that this is a concept that Katherine cannot comprehend.  Katherine became familiar with the concept of love at the end with Nadia, but other than that I doubt that she loved anyone.  And I am including Stefan when I say that.  She says that she loved Stefan, but her actions to ensure that Elena never gets Stefan say otherwise.

I was so happy to see Caroline tell Tyler off.  Like I've said many times recently, what happened between Caroline and Klaus happened in part because of Tyler's actions.  Now if only Caroline can take the sentiments she expressed and apply them to Damon.  She has been treating Damon much the same way that Tyler has been treating her, only for longer.

Liv (the witch who's been helping Bonnie) was making some serious googly eyes at Jeremy.  Not that I blame her or anything, but to openly ogle someone in front of their SO is so not cool.  Watching her reactions when Jeremy and Bonnie were explaining the whole situation was quite fun.  Welcome to the wacky world of the gang sweetie.  Now, go find a new guy and stop hitting on Jeremy.

We'll be back in two weeks.  See y'all then!