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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.16- While You Were Sleeping

This was a somewhat trippy episode that serves as a bridge to what is to come.  We saw another doppleganger, Elena descending into madness, Delena come roaring back with a vengeance, and a whole heaping serving of truth.

Let's start with Elena.  Not only is she suffering from an enhanced version of the Ripper virus, but she is also coming out of the massive nightmare that was Katherine taking over her life.  Naturally, she is wondering how no one seemed to pick up on the fact that she wasn't herself.  Let us not forget that Katherine is above all a survivor.  She has been studying Elena for years and can do a pretty good job of imitating her and if anyone starts to figure it out, she knows how to keep them off balance.  That's what happened to Damon.  Katherine knows all of Damon's weak points and she exploited them with a vengeance.  She got Damon to the point where he wasn't thinking, instead he was reacting to her manipulations.  Everyone else missed the subtle clues because they all thought that Katherine was dead.  Doesn't make it any easier on Elena, but it does make the error understandable.

To make matters even worse, the enhanced virus is causing Elena to hallucinate and start to completely break from reality.  She saw Aaron, figured out that he was dead, and immediately jumped to the conclusion that she killed him.  Not a bad conclusion to leap to, all things considered.  While I wasn't surprised that Damon told her, I was a little surprised at how tender he was when he told her.  He seriously looked like he was about to break down or something.  It might well have been that he thought that Elena wouldn't forgive him.  Then there was that fight they had at the end.  I am not sure how much of what she said she actually meant and how much of it was just erupting in Damon's direction, but I am fairly certain he'll take most of it to heart.  Given the fact that they went from the fight to reunion sex, I am not sure how he'll react, but it is something I am not entirely sure I want to see.

The lengths Elena went to to get out were astonishing.  Threatening Liv and Bonnie and then impaling Liv with that piece of the chair was pretty harsh.  Then again, given the fact that she was totally losing it, a little bit of over the top violence and threats are completely understandable.  Thank goodness Jeremy wasn't around because Elena would have been very upset if she had done something to him in a fit of madness.

I was honestly worried when Luke bumped into Elena that I had completely forgotten a character or something.  I was relieved to see that he is, in fact, Liv's brother.  Given the fact that Liv is obviously hiding the extent of her magical abilities, I suspect that we have our next set of antagonists.  Are these two Travelers or are they something else entirely?  They know that Bonnie is the anchor and Luke cannot be compelled (which could vervain or something else entirely), so this cannot be a good thing.

I want to know where this other doppleganger came from.  I thought the dopplegangers were descended from Amara and Silas, but since Stefan has no children and he and Damon were the last of the Salvatores, there is obviously something I am missing.  Will Caroline actually be able to kill a Stefan lookalike?  Somehow I suspect that something else is going to happen.  And having her with Enzo may not be the brightest idea.

Until next week!