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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.17- Rescue Me

We meet the last of the male dopplegangers, find out more about Liv and Luke, watch Delena melt down, watch Jeremy move out of the Salvatores' house, and see the Travelers do some interesting magic.

Liv and Luke are in town in order to stop the Travelers.  Apparently, there is bad blood between witches who draw their power from the earth and the Travelers.  I wonder if the bad blood has anything to do with Silas and Qetsiyah or if it is something else.  So far, in the VD universe, we have seen four distinct types of magic.  We've seen witches who draw their power from nature, witches who draw their power from the ancestors (although these types mix somewhat), Expression, and the Travelers who seem to practice a type of blood magic.  Many cultures believe that the spilling of blood releases power (after all, blood is life, yes?), so if you can harness the power of blood, you can do some wicked powerful spells.  Use the blood of supernatural creatures (in this case dopplegangers) and you probably have more power.  Using the power to link themselves and commit mass suicide in order to bring their leader back from the Other Side was very creepy and so not a good thing!

My question is what exactly do the Travelers want with Elena and Stefan?  I would say that there is probably a ritual of some sort involving the dopplegangers, but what is the purpose?  The alternative is that Markos wants to get revenge on the dopplegangers for some reason.  But again, the question is, why?  And why are Luke and Liv hellbent on preventing whatever it is from happening?  Obviously, it will be bad for them, but will it be bad for anyone else?

It was nice to see the show finally address the amount of time the gang spends away from school.  I am surprised that they managed to graduate at all.  And Jeremy has had it rougher than anyone else.  He's lost his parents, aunt, sister, and multiple girlfriends; had his mind messed with on many occasions; died several times; been brought back from the dead; and was left in the care of someone who killed him on a few different occasions who also happens to be his sister's on-again, off-again boyfriend.  If that is not a recipe for issues, I do not know what is.  Moving out will hopefully help him get his bearings and get back some semblance of normalcy.

Damon and Elena had an epic meltdown.  After sleeping with him, Elena decides that it's over.  Only problem?  She keeps having fantasies about him!  Do Damon and Elena have the healthiest relationship? No, but what Elena (and others) seem to forget is that they depend on Damon to do the things they won't do, but they then turn around and get upset at him for doing them!  Like tonight, Elena got really upset that Damon was torturing Liv.  Thing is that if Damon hadn't been there, Elena would be dead and there would be no answers.  Elena really needs to come to some sort of decision where Damon is concerned.  Either stay with him despite his many flaws or breakup with him and risk an adverse reaction.

Watching Caroline and Enzo together was interesting and a little creepy.  Enzo was openly flirting with Caroline who was so not wanting to deal with that.  Something about Enzo creeps me out.  He is smooth and handsome, but he is also very unstable and that is not a good thing.  He is like season 1 Damon only worse in almost every respect.  I wish Caroline had been able to save the doppleganger, but had he not been killed, Stefan would have been and the situation would be much worse.

Poor Bonnie had to experience the death of who knows how many Travelers in a very short period of time.  Here's hoping that she comes through it ok, because it was apparently very painful.  So painful that she actually passed out, although that may also have been a side effect of the ritual.

Until April 17!