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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.19- An Unblinking Death

Sorry this took so long, but I have had a ton of shows to catch up on that I had trouble fitting this one in.  I was finally able to watch it this morning, so here it is.  The episode had a major death, an explosive event for the pack, information for Hayley, and a reconciliation...

Father Kieran is dead.  I have to feel sorry for Cami even though his death was with her permission.  Her idea of trying to rest his brain in order to rid it of the hex was an interesting one.  Too bad it didn't work.  Her next idea, to have Klaus change Kieran to a vampire, was much worse.  She had to know, as Klaus said, that Kieran would never willingly change into a vampire, so all she was doing was buying a little more time with him.  I get that, and it makes sense, but it was never going to end well.  Unfortunately for her, it ended even worse than expected when the hex came back with a vengeance and he managed to get a little bit of her blood to transform.  You had to appreciate that Klaus actually gave her the choice of whether or not he would kill Kieran and that he did so with a stake rather than by ripping out his heart.  That showed Klaus' tender side that so rarely comes out.  And when Klaus allowed Marcel a temporary leave to come back in order to comfort Cami, that was sweet too.

I want to say that I find it hard to believe that Oliver planned the bombings, but I can't.  It's not like I expected it to be him, but once he said it, it made perfect sense.  Basically, he wants to get the wolves all riled up so that they'll take their rightful place in the city.  I want to know who he was working with.  It could be Klaus, but somehow that just feels wrong.  But anyone else I can come up with doesn't make much sense either given Oliver's rather firmly stated views on the other groups.  It is possible that someone promised him freedom for the wolves or something, but it must have been a lot for him to have agreed to it.

Marcel has known who Hayley is all along and he is the one who saved her.  Not only that, but he brought her to Father Kieran when her family was killed.  That was an interesting revelation.  I do wonder if he saved her because of her connection to Klaus, given that he is a hybrid.  Her methods were direct and very interesting.  Going into a vampire bar and pushing a stake part way into his chest was a very direct way to get what she wanted. Effective too.  Got to admire the balls that that takes.

Watching Elijah with the pack was....interesting.  He is honorable enough to ensure the safety of as many wolves as possible.  He also had a perpetual look of puzzlement on his face like he was trying to figure something out.  I'm not sure what it was though.  It could be something as simple as wondering why Klaus is allying himself with them or it could have been more.  And Oliver's bombs had the added (and possibly unexpected) side effect of convincing Elijah that the treaty was unworkable and caused him to throw his allegiance wholly over to Klaus to the extent that he gave Klaus Esther's grimoire.

Until Tuesday!