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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.20- A Closer Walk With Thee

The effects of the Other Side crumbling are being felt in New Orleans as Mikael starts making guest appearances in people's dreams, Cami steps up after Kieran's death, the witches start getting fierce, and Monique continues to be one of the creepiest girls on television.

With the Other Side crumbling, Mikael has apparently decided to play another round of scar the kiddies.  He appears in both Elijah and Klaus' dreams and makes an attempt on Hayley before appearing to Davina in order to have her resurrect him.  I so hope that she is smart enough to not do that.  Having Mikael back would be bad news for everyone.  That psychopath has been nothing but trouble and there is no controlling him.  I know that Davina has no love for Klaus, but he is infinitely better to have around than Mikael.  After all, Mikael is perhaps the biggest reason why Klaus is the way he is, Mikael tried to get rid of Hayley and the baby, and Mikael has no compunction about killing lots of people to get at his targets.  In other word, Mikael is bad business and needs to stay right where he is.

Given the crumbling Other Side and Mikael's appearance, I do have to wonder if it really is the witches who are talking to Monique and Genevieve or if it may be Esther trying to stop what is to come.  And again I have to ask what make the baby so damn dangerous?  I know that the baby is the product of the Original hybrid and wolf royalty, but there has to be more to it than that.  I really hope that this is spelled out fairly soon.  Everything we've heard about the baby so far has been through Celeste, who is hardly an unbiased observer.

It was nice to see that Cami has decided to take a bigger role in New Orleans.  She's lost both her brother and her uncle to what is going on and she has been at the center of things herself.  I really hope that she, like Father Kieran before her, can keep the humans relatively safe.  If the humans can serve as a balance between the wolves, vampires, and witches, that would be the best option to keep the peace in New Orleans.  And what exactly was that thing she discovered?  What did it say?

Monique needs to die and soon.  That girl is getting creepier and creepier by the minute.  She is a complete fanatic about doing what she thinks the witches want to do, so much so that I am seriously suspecting a possession of some sort.  Either that or she in under some sort of mental influence.  She is the ultimate bully.  She denigrates anyone who does not live up to what she expects them to do, does whatever she wants, and has not clue how to use her power in any sort of moral sense.

I like that Hayley was not taking any guff off of either Elijah or Klaus.  She served them the truth straight up and without any hesitation.  It is good that she is moving back to the mansion though.  Having Klaus and Elijah around to help keep her and the baby safe is a good thing.  I know she can handle a lot on her own, but it never hurts to have backup just in case.

Until next week!