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Monday, April 21, 2014

My Review of the Tomorrow People 1.20- A Sort of Homecoming

Roger's back and the Tomorrow People are anxious to go to the Refuge, the Founder unveils more of his plan, Stephen takes drastic action against the Founder, and Hillary makes a surprising move.

Is it too harsh to call the Tomorrow People a bunch of whiners?  I get that they have been waiting for Roger to come back, but can't they give the guy and his family one night together before insisting that he take them to the Refuge?  I think part of the problem is that they have turned Roger into a semi-deity and expected him to awaken and whisk them off to the Refuge.  They seemed to be forgetting that he is human and he has a family that he hasn't seen in years.  And Cara reverted back to her bad old leader form.  Did she really think that she could stop Roger from leaving if he really wanted to?  And then there was John moaning and complaining because Roger was "abandoning" them?  I seriously wanted to smack each and every one of them around for being completely selfish dicks.  Roger knows how important everything is to the Tomorrow People, but (as I said) he is a father with a family and he rightly put them first.  The whole thing was quite infuriating to me.

Poor Luka is caught in the middle of a maelstrom.  Both of his parents and his brother are powerful "mutants" (his word) and he is pretty much alone trying to play catch up.  I don't blame him for being a little resentful and not wanting to be around Roger.  It was really nice that he was able to have Astrid over because at least she is like him in that she has no powers.  Given all that, he adapted quite nicely and went underground without any (visible) protest.  Someone needs to make sure that they catch him up on what is going on so that he won't feel so out of place.

Stephen is doing an admirable job under less than ideal circumstances.  He is, of course, over the moon to have his dad back, but there is still the Founder to consider.  I can't blame the guy for trusting Hillary.  Cara doesn't trust Hillary, but I think that she has lost a lot of Stephen's trust with her bad decisions and leadership.  While Astrid doesn't trust Hillary either, she is smart enough to stay out of Stephen's way while being sure to let Hillary know that consequences are imminent if Hillary hurts Stephen.  Very wise move there.  The thing is that Hillary is not a bad person, but she (like Stephen) put her trust in the wrong person.  I was amazed that she was able to go to Astrid with her request.  I did see the bomb coming, but I had thought that it would have been  the phone itself and she would have gotten out of there.  I did not see the whole suicide bomber thing until right before it happened.

I was glad to see that John stopped his pouting long enough to go help Stephen and Roger destroy the machine.  Nasty piece of work there.  Unfortunately, Hillary had already betrayed them and it was a trap.  I want to know what was in that syringe that caused John to react so violently to it.  Was it some sort of drug to make John tractable to the Founders' commands?  Or was it something else entirely?  Guess we'll find out next week.

If Russell hadn't been with the group that went to Ultra, I would say good riddance to all of them.  As it is, I am definitely worried because I love Russell.  The guy is lots of fun and pretty good in a fight.  Given the previews for next week, this is not going to be pretty.

After next week, there is the finale and then in mid May, we should hear about the renewal.  Until next week then!