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Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.18- Resident Evil

We find out more about the Travelers and the Doppleganger Prophecy, the Other Side is breaking down, and Stefan and Elena are having intense visions....

First off, I apologize for the lateness, but as I said in my review of the last episode of The Originals, I was traveling for a wedding last week and missed the episode when it aired.  So, here it is.

Let's start with the Travelers.  Turns out that all witches used to be Travelers, but when Silas and Qetsiyah cast the immortality spell, the Travelers split into two groups.  Although not stated, I assume that the split has to do with the immortality spell.  One group became the Travelers and the other became witches.  According to Markos (the Travelers' resurrected leader), about 500 years later the witches cursed the Travelers and made it so that if they gathered together, some sort of disaster would occur (the immortality spell was 2000 years ago and the curse was 1500 years ago).  Markos also said that the curse has to do with the power that the Travelers possess as a group.  Given this and past information about the witches, I think we can make certain assumptions.  Since what Qetsiyah and Silas did violated the laws of nature, the witches wanted to prevent it or something like it from happening again.  This would explain the witches' strong beliefs regarding natural laws and their harsh penalties for violating them.  The Travelers (presumably) want to either recreate the immortality spell or do something similar which would violate the laws of nature.  Seeing the impact that bringing back Markos had on the Other Side, the witches' fears may be justified.  Markos claimed that he needs the blood of the dopplegangers in order to break the curse that the witches cast on the Travelers.  Given what he and the Travelers have done so far, I doubt that is all he is planning on doing.  I suspect that he is going to use the dopplegangers' blood in order to bring back all the Travelers from the Other Side.

Speaking of the Other Side, why is is breaking down now?  Bonnie has brought people back from the Other Side before without any sort of ill effect, unless each resurrection damages the Other Side a little and the damage is cumulative.  If that is the case, then what is going on there is a result of what Bonnie has done in the past.  If, however, that is not the case, then why did Markos being brought back result in such horrific damage?  Was he cursed to the Other Side?  Or did the mass suicide somehow overload the Other Side?  And what exactly happened to Vicki?  I had assumed that what happened to Katherine was unique to her, but it happened to Vicki as well, which does not bode well for the denizens of the Other Side.

Turns out that the Doppleganger Prophecy; you know the one about the dopplegangers finding each other throughout history?; turns out to be a fake prophecy planted by Markos in order to get the dopplegangers together so that the Travelers can use them to break the curse.  It is not True Love, but if people think it is, then they will look for each other and thus allow the Travelers to break the curse.  Did Klaus learn the trick from what Markos did, or did he come up with it independently?  I assume that since Esther was a witch, she would know about the Travelers and the false prophecy, but I could be wrong.

Markis gave Stefan and Elena some interesting visions of a life together sans supernatural hijinks.  It was pretty sweet and gave the episode some much needed lightness.  Loved Stefan's lines about biting.  That was just classic.  I am glad that the two of them are in such a good place.  Now if only Damon could get himself to a place with Elena that is half as good.  Sigh....

The Travelers are taking over people in town.  That is not good, but is also a nifty way to get around the curse.  Apparently, the curse is limited to the human bodies of the Travelers and not their spirits.  And taking over Tyler is so not a good thing.  He is on the inside of the gang and can seriously harm any plans they may make.  In fact, he already has by handing the knife over to Markos.  I am a little surprised that Liv never thought of the fact that she would have to test Matt and Tyler repeatedly since a Traveler could simply possess them after a test stab.  You would also think that the witches' would have come up with some sort of spell to prevent someone from being possessed after 1500 years.

Until Thursday!