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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.19- Man on Fire

We learn more about the Travelers' plans, Enzo continues his search for Maggie, there's all sorts of lying, and someone passes...

You know, I can't say I'm sorry that Enzo is dead.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate him, but he was definitely not entirely sane.  For example, look at how he acted tonight.  He was so determined to believe that Stefan killed Maggie that he refused to even consider the possibility that he might be wrong.  even though both Stefan and Damon told him that when Maggie was killed (Election night 1960) Stefan was not the Ripper, Enzo still tortured Stefan to get a confession out of him.  That is not the action of a sane man.  And when he turned off his humanity, he just made things even worse.  I would swear that he was trying to die in order to get some sort of revenge.  Could I be wrong?  Sure, but I am not sure how likely it is.

Should Stefan have told Damon that he killed Enzo?  I do think there are good arguments both ways.  You know that Damon is going to find out and is going to go ballistic, so telling him might have headed that off.  However, Damon is not in the most stable place at the moment, so hiding the truth from him was not the worst idea.  Frankly, Stefan was stuck with two bad possibilities.  Tell Damon and risk him going off the rails or hide it from him and hope he never finds out.  Either possibility sucks.

Given the fact that Stefan lied, I can understand why both Elena and Bonnie would lie as well.  Elena wants to protect both brothers from what could happen and Bonnie is pretty much used to keeping secrets from people at this point, so that was not a surprise.  I am disappointed that Bonnie isn't telling Jeremy what is happening.  I get that she wants to protect him, but if he loses her again it will not be good.  At least if she told him, he would have a possibility of being able to reconcile himself to what could happen.  But chances are that he would obsess over finding a way to save the Other Side, so there is that.

The Travelers' plan to use the blood of the dopplegangers to break the curse because when their blood is mixed, it cancels magic.  I am not entirely sure how it would work, but it seems that the Travelers plan on using the blood to break the curse in a particular area so that they can live together.  The problem is that if they do that, *ALL* magic in the area is cancelled, including whatever it is that makes vampires vampires.  Within the area where the curse is broken, vampires would revert to the last human state they were in, in other words, they would die.  I might be more sympathetic to the Travelers if their plan didn't involve destroying the Other Side and potentially killing all vampires in Mystic Falls.

Could Damon have saved Enzo?  I know that Damon would like to think that he could have, but given the fact that Enzo was not entirely sane and the fact that Damon killed Maggie, I highly doubt it.  The possibility is always there, but I really don't see how it would have worked.  Enzo would have wanted revenge on Damon for killing Maggie (even though Damon didn't know who she was) and would not have been amenable to any sort of teaching on Damon's part.

So the last question is what is Enzo going to do from the Other Side.  I assume that because it breaking down, spirits on the Other Side have more power now than they did before and Enzo has plenty of motivation to use power.  Sort of curious as to what exactly he's gonna do now...