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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.22- Home

That was quite the season ender.  While I was not biting my nails like I have in some of the past season finales, the last few minutes were what really made this episode epic.  We had death and destruction on an unprecedented scale, 4 recurring characters disappeared into Oblivion (or something similar), 1 recurring character died and came back, 2 main characters died and came back, 1 previously dead main character came back, 1 previously dead recurring character came back, 1 main character died and may or may not come back, 1 other main character may also be gone, and 1 main character returned from the beyond....

Yeah, if you're keeping track that was quite the death count tonight.  The Other Side is (apparently) gone, but most of our characters made it back before the door was closed.  Tyler and Elena both died and returned.  What was really interesting is that Tyler is now normal again.  Does this mean that Elena and Stefan (who also returned) are now normal as well?  Markos and Silas were sucked into Oblivion while Grams and Lexi disappeared in a flash of light.  I am not sure if they went to Oblivion or if they went somewhere else.  Alaric and Enzo also managed to make their way back as did Luke (who was killed by Caroline).  The question is what happened to Damon and Bonnie?  Oh, and all of the Travelers in Mystic Falls are gone too in a massive explosion.  Fortunately Liz somehow survived the blast, so that is cool.

Ok, let's start with Bonnie who was unquestionably the heroine of the night.  She taught Liv the spell to keep the door open so that people could return, stayed around long enough to return most of her friends, and stayed with Damon until the end.  While I am not her biggest fan, she definitely gets kudos for this.  I am just wondering what Grams meant when she said that she helped take care of Bonnie.  Did she do something to ensure Bonnie's survival when the Other Side collapsed?

I was very surprised that Damon was kept on the Other Side.  I know, it's a major cliffhanger, but it was still very surprising.  I am not sure why Bonnie couldn't have grabbed both Alaric and Damon at the same time.  My only guess is that she only had the energy to do one at a time, but that could be wrong.  I don't see them killing Damon off unless Ian wants out, so I am sure he'll be back.  My only question is how?  The writers and actors have said that they are closing the Other Side to make death mean something again, so he can't be around as a ghost.

I am so happy that Alaric is back.  I've really missed him and I think he'll be really good for Elena.  If the unthinkable happens and Damon is actually gone, he'll be able to comfort her.  He'll also be able to help Jeremy out if Bonnie doesn't make it back.  If Damon doesn't make it back the thing I will miss the most will be the Damon-Alaric bromance.  Those two were always so awesome together.

Looks like Steroline is now on (or close to it).  Lexi hit Stefan over the head with a verbal 2x4 about him and Caroline, so maybe Stefan will give it a shot.  Like Alaric, I think Caroline will be a good shoulder for Stefan to cry on.  While she was never a fan of Damon (understandably), she is a good comforter and will be good for Stefan.

Tyler is back to normal.  Interesting.  Hopefully he doesn't revert to his douchebag self that he was in Season 1.  Not entirely sure how far the reset on him will go.  I will say that I suspect that the reason he returned as a human is that when he died again, he was back to being human.  Therefore, I suspect that Elena and Stefan; who were both vampires when they died (I think); will stay as vampires.

It was nice to see Lexi again and I am glad that she was able to take care of Markos and achieve peace.  She really deserves it.

Is the Travelers' anti-magic spell gone now that all of the Travelers' are dead?  I hope it is, because otherwise the gang can't go back home.

Well, this is my last review of the season.  Under the Dome, Falling Skies, and Teen Wolf all start in June, so I'll see y'all then!

My shows for the new season

Before I write about tonight's Vampire Diaries season finale (which was epic!), I wanted to share my tentative viewing schedule for next season:

8- Once Upon a Time (ABC), Madame Secretary (CBS)
10- Revenge (ABC)

8- Gotham (Fox), The Originals (CW)
9- Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
10- Castle (ABC), Blacklist/State of Affairs (NBC)

8- The Flash (CW)
9- Supernatural (CW) and possibly Agents of SHIELD (ABC) (quit it after a few episodes this year, but may give it another try)
10- Forever (ABC)

8- Arrow (CW)
9- The 100 (CW)
10- Stalker (CBS)

8- Vampire Diaries (CW), Bones (Fox)
9- Scandal (ABC), Gracepoint (Fox), Blacklist (NBC, starting in Feb)
10- How to Get Away With Murder (ABC), Elementary (CBS)

9- Grimm (NBC)
10- Constantine (NBC)

Glee (Fox), Hart of Dixie (CW), Beauty & the Beast (CW), Heroes Reborn (NBC), Backstrom (Fox), and The Messengers (CW)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.22- From a Cradle to a Grave

Well, that was quite the episode and set up some major things for next season.  We see a character we haven't seen in a while and possibly two others as well.  The witches' storyline comes to a head, Davina makes a major decision, and there are some serious surprises in store...

I've been saying for weeks now that things felt like Esther was behind the witches, and I was right!  When Klaus and Elijah brought her bones to New Orleans and consecrated them, Esther hitched a ride and came along as well.  She is the one who issued the decree that Hayley and Klaus' child must  be sacrificed.  Klaus and Elijah are upset at her for what she did, and now they need to be worried.  Unless I am very much mistaken the woman and man at the end of the episode were Esther and Finn.  I'm not sure if Esther still has her magic, but if she does, this is not going to be good.

To make matters even worse, Davina actually went and resurrected Mikael.  Fortunately, she was smart enough to insert something new into the spell so that she could control Mikael.  It may not last for long, but for the time being she has him under her control and is determined to only use him when she is ready.  If Esther has magic and knows about Mikael, I am more than willing to bet the she and Mikael will work together to bring down Klaus and Elijah.  And they may very well succeed, particularly since Mikael has the white oak stake.

I was impressed that Klaus and Hayley were able to send their baby away.  Granted, it makes sense given the number of enemies that they have, but it still could not have been easy.  The best part is that Klaus gave their daughter to Rebekah.  That was a totally cool way to bring Rebekah back.  And they can bring  her back again later if needed.  Giving Rebekah the baby will allow Hope to stay in the family and give Rebekah the semi-normal existence that she has been craving.  Wonder who she'll go to in order to get the cloaking magic.

Hayley is now a hybrid.  Monique (aka the psycho teen witch) slit her throat after Hope was born.  What no one realized is that Hayley still had Hope's blood in her system and so began the process of becoming a hybrid.  My one question is that all previous hybrids needed Elena's blood in order to survive the change.  Will Hayley require it?  Or is she an exception because she carried the baby?  Or did Klaus give her Elena's blood and I just missed it?

Monique is dead and I will shed no tears.  That girl was psychotic and I am so glad she's gone.  I must admit that death by 1,000 cuts was not a nice way to go and not something I expected to see literally happen.  Genevieve and the other Harvest girl are also dead, thus probably breaking the back of the witches' power.  That basically just leaves the wolves in charge of the Quarter.  The vampires have been decimated, most of the powerful witches are dead, and the humans have lost their major leaders.  So now is Klaus going to have to fight with Francesca for control of the Quarter?

So, that's it for this season of The Originals.  On Thursday, there is The Vampire Diaries and then nothing until Under the Dome, Teen Wolf, and Falling Skies come back on.  Until then!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.21- Promised Land

The Travelers plan continues, Caroline gets hit with some truth, Damon confronts Markos, and we have what is possibly the most unexpected death of the series....

Stefan died.   He had his heart ripped out of his chest and he died.  He passed through Bonnie to the Other Side died.  I have to say that was completely unexpected.  Out of everyone on the show, I have always assumed that Elena, Damon, and Stefan were safe from being killed.  When Julian punched him, I assumed that he punched Stefan in the gut or something, so when that heart was in Julian's hand I was floored.  Unless I am completely wrong, Stefan will come back somehow, but I am not sure how.  When Markos was revived using the dopplegangers' blood, it started the unraveling that we are seeing.  Unless the witches can do something to either reverse the spell the Travelers cast or find a way to reinforce the Other Side, Stefan is doomed.

I am glad that Bonnie finally told someone the truth about the Other Side.  Not sure that Caroline was the best option, but at least someone else knows.  What Bonnie and Caroline really need to do is tell everyone what is going on to see if anyone has an alternate idea.  I think the best option would be to make Markos or one of the Travelers the new Anchor, thus allowing Bonnie to live and getting rid of one of the Travelers.  The only problem is that I don't know if Liv and Luke can do that now given the fact that they were caught in the Travelers' spell.

Damon's idea to hold the bodies of the Travelers' hostage was not a bad idea.  Unfortunately for Damon, Marko and the Travelers are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to cast the spell.  Damon's note in the cave was quite amusing.  I was surprised at how powerful Markos has become.  He has apparently become the focal point of power for all of the Travelers, which makes him very powerful and very dangerous.  If Julian's killing of Stefan did stop the spell, it may not have reversed it, which would mean that the gang is virtually powerless against Markos.  Damon, Elena, and Caroline can't get near him without dying and Jeremy; while well trained; may or may not be able to take Markos down.  This should be interesting.

Damon and Elena appear to be back together again with Stefan's blessing.  I am not sure if this will stick, but it will be interesting to see.  They are so miserable when they are apart that they do need to figure out a way to work out their issues or split up without falling apart again.  Hopefully they'll figure something out soon.

Honestly, that is all I really have to say.  Large portions of the episode were the Travelers chanting, Luke and Liv trying (and failing) to do what their coven wanted, and Stefan and Elena running from the Travelers.  Next week should be fairly epic....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.21- The Battle of New Orleans

Marcels and the vampires v. Klaus and Elijah.  Let the showdown begin!  But wait!  There's a twist I did not see coming which changes a lot....

And that twist is that Francesca is a werewolf from the clan that Marcel supposedly killed off.  She has been planning her rise to power for some time, and she has achieved it.  She struck a deal with Genevieve to get the moon rings from her in exchange for ensuring that Genevieve and the witches got Hayley and her baby.  That is one nasty woman.  She has been playing all sides against each other.  She made sure the vampires were at each other throats, got the witches to work against them, and arranged for the bombing in the bayou.  She also took over the bar and threatened Cami.  Wonder when her comeuppance will come.

Klaus is in one hell of a pickle.  He allowed Genevieve to use his blood for the moon rings, but she altered the spell so that the wolves would draw upon his strength in order to not change on the full moon.  This leaves him weakened and unable to heal as he normally would.  To add to his trouble, the witches have Hayley, Davina is perilously close to resurrecting Mikael, and Francesca looks poised to take over the werewolves herself.  I do wonder if he had planned to betray Genevieve or not.  The problem is that he has betrayed so many people, that it is hard to take him at his word when he promises to do something.

Almost forgot how good Elijah is at fighting.  He doesn't do it very often, but when he does, he can more than handle himself.  Of course, if the vampires had been smart, they would have swarmed him and overwhelmed him that way,  But, since they only attacked one or two at a time, it was much easier for him to fight them off.  I do wonder if he would fight for Hayley or not.  He is so noble that he might see it as a better thing if she marries someone else, so he might not.  And I didn't realize that the Original were immune to werewolves' bites.  Klaus' bite affected Elijah, so I assumed that regular werewolves' bites would as well.  Either I missed something earlier, or this is something they never revealed.

Genevieve is desperate to stay alive and it showed.  It seems as if she is going to use the baby to complete the Harvest to bring back the last girl.  I could be wrong, but they did say that the baby was an offering, so I assume that is what is going to happen.  She does seem to have the upper hand on Klaus at this point, but never count him out.  And if he recovers, he is going to come after her with a vengeance and I am not sure who will win that particular war.

Davina is playing with fire and needs to tread very carefully.  Helping Marcel was not the smartest move and helping Mikael is even less smart.  Then again, she has always been fairly easy to manipulate and she is desperate to save Josh from Klaus' bite.  If she can bring back Mikael, she will show the sheer amount of power she possesses and show that she is incredibly naive.  I highly doubt that Mikael will help Josh (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Mikael killed him!) and Mikael is also not famous as a humanitarian.  I so hope Davina doesn't do anything stupid.

Hayley and Cami didn't do much this episode.  Cami discovered the truth about Francesca and Hayley stayed with Genevieve to help if needed.  Also, Hayley is about ready to give birth, so that explains a lot about her lack of action.

Next week, the season finale.  Until then!

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.22- Son of Man

There is a confrontation with the Founder, a few deaths, Stephen pulling some unimaginable moves, and one hell of a reset....

Ok, Stephen is officially the most powerful Tomorrow Person.  Not only did he manage to fight and beat the Founder; a feat previously thought to be impossible given the Founder's power; but he also somehow absorbed and/or redirected the energy from the Machine, reversed its effects, turned back time, and called all of the break-outs from all over to New York.  I can only assume that because he is Roger's son and Roger's energy was powering the Machine, he was able to do what he did with the energy.  And I am still not entirely sure what he did.  Some of it seemed to go into him and some of it went to creating that portal to purgatory (I think).  That was quite the feat itself.  But to then cause time to reverse itself after Natalie shot Cara was beyond amazing.  I realized what was happening just before it happened, but couldn't quite believe it.  Stephen's power is amazing when he can unleash it.  It is also quite scary.  To have that much power could be quite deadly in the wrong hands.  And I am not sure if it was the time reversal or the Machine's power that called everyone to New York, but now the Tomorrow People have taken up residence in Ultra's former headquarters.  I will be interested to see how Stephen and Cara handle the newcomers.

Speaking of Cara, what are going to be the effects of the time reversal on her?  She knows that something happened, but Stephen is not talking about it for fairly obvious reasons.  She's also going to have to get used to making decisions with Stephen because everyone is going to look up to him now.  Let's face it, when she was facing off against the Founder, she didn't stand a chance.  Most of her skills lie in her telepathic abilities.  Not that she is not a good fighter (because she totally is), but she is at her best when it comes to finding breakouts and communicating.  I was definitely impressed that she convinced John to save Astrid even though it was clearly killing her to send him away.

It was nice to see Russell redeem himself after the train wreck that he's been for the past few weeks.  He screwed up in a major way and knows it, but he managed to get his head screwed on straight and finally stand up to Natalie, who (by the way) has gone full on dark side.  She seemed almost eager to team up with the Founder and hunt down her former friends.  It's not like the Founder could kill her with the chip or anything, so that was all her.  I must admit that I was hoping that Stephen would somehow deflect the bullet back into her after he reversed time.  The fact that she escaped probably means that she'll show up again (assuming the show comes back).

John has his powers back.  Unfortunately, the process of getting his powers back has screwed with his head in spectacular fashion.  He doesn't recognize pictures of Stephen, Cara, or Russell; is working with Jedekiah (whose powers were temporary); and is in a fancy suit.  This cannot be good.  If he comes after Cara, I don't know if Stephen or anyone will be able to fight him off given their emotional attachment to him.  This turn of event especially sucks for Astrid who was really getting close to John.

So, the Founder is gone, Jedekiah is after Cara and the others to form a paranormal army of sorts, Stephen and Cara have a brand new group to work with, and humanity has been saved.  That is a reset.  I do hope the show gets picked up and comes back with a better (and more even) season.

Tomorrow, the Originals.  Until then!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.21- Kill Switch

The Founder continues his quest for Roger while using the Tomorrow People to force his hand, the Tomorrow People react predictably, John is aimless after losing his powers, Stephen and Cara make a desperate attempt to save the Tomorrow People, and Jedikiah takes drastic action to save himself and to fulfill a longtime dream.

You know, I'd feel sorry for the Tomorrow People who died if it wasn't their own freaking fault that they died.  After all, the only reason the Founder was able to put the tracker with the kill switch into their heads was that they went in to see him despite the fact that they were warned not to.  The lone exception is Russell, who went at Cara's behest.  I would swear that Natalie was employed by the Founder because she was doing everything he could have possibly wanted.  I do get that all of this is in part because Cara's leadership has been lacking, but the fact is that Natalie led a group into Ultra last week and that led to their getting the trackers.  Now, she is unwilling to admit that this is largely her fault and starts blaming everyone around her.  Add to this the fact that the reason they went is because Roger is not acting fast enough (hello, been gone from his family for 6 years, give him a chance to be with them!) and you can see who is clearly at fault here.

I am surprised that no one, at any point, tried to point out to the group where the fault lay, particularly after Natalie laid the blame on Cara.  It's not like there is some sort of extenuating circumstances or anything.  The group acted in a rash and unthought out manner and got burned for it badly.  To be honest, I was sort of hoping that the Founder would kill most of them after he got Roger.  That would not have upset me at all.  I will be the first to admit that I have disagreed with a lot of Cara's decisions, but given how devious and manipulative both the Founder and Ultra have been, I don't understand why that group thought that they would be safe.  And now they've handed Roger over to the Founder and said that they have no problems sacrificing an untold number of humans to save their own traitorous butts.  Yeah, I hope they die horribly.

I think the worst part is the way that they completely turned on Roger because he didn't immediately take them to the Refuge.  Like I said in my review of the last episode, they are acting like a bunch of whining crybabies.  They built up Roger as this messianic figure and never gave a thought about his family, two of whom are just like them and the third one who could very easily break out given his genes.  Was he just supposed to leave his entire family behind?  Their attitude is infuriating, selfish, and downright stupid.  I'll stop about them but believe me, I could keep going.  Yes, I am definitely beyond annoyed with the group.

Poor John has lost his powers.  I am glad that he is friends with Astrid and that she was able to help him rally.  He still has his hand-to-hand combat training and his smarts, so even if he can't teleport himself, he can still be of some assistance.  He also has knowledge of Ultra and how they work, so he could be very useful there.  Here's hoping that he and Astrid survive the next episode.

Stephen and Cara did a good job at taking down the Founder's network.  I did notice that a bunch of people online seem to not get the difference between attempting to kill people and shooting things.  The Tomorrow People cannot (with rare exceptions like John) kill; or even attempt to kill; people without intense pain.  However, they can destroy things.  Look at things that they have blown up or similarly destroyed.  So, when Stephen took that gun and destroyed the equipment without aiming at the man, he did not trigger the pain response.  Not so hard to understand, but there seem to be a lot of people who just don't get that.

Jedikiah has powers now?  Oh boy, that is bad.  The bright spot is that John can now (hopefully) get his powers back.  Well, he should be able to unless the drug that strips the Tomorrow People of their powers somehow binds itself to the genetic sequences that control powers, in which case the drug may prevent someone from regaining their powers.

Tomorrow, the season finale.  Here's hoping nothing goes wrong.....

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.20- What Lies Beneath

The Other Side continues to crumble allowing Enzo to do some damage, the Travelers continue their mission, Damon and Caroline try to discover the truth, and Matt and Jeremy capture Tyler....

What is it with the Travelers?  Individual witches seem to be able to do magic on their own, but it seems that the Travelers need to chant together in order to do much.  It seems weird that Luke was able to mask Elena and Stefan on his own when all of the Travelers were looking for them.  Did the witches' curse somehow make it so that the Travelers need to work together?  Or did the individual witches' become more powerful over time as they grew more distant from the Travelers?  I am very curious about this.

Markos seems to not handle pressure well.  Well, either that or he thinks time is growing short.  For the first time this week, he seemed to be stressed about what was going on.  Granted, Tyler did escape, but his stress level seemed awfully high for just that.  I wonder if the Other Side crumbling will cause problems for his plan.  Maybe there is a time limit or something.

Damon knows about Enzo, and surprisingly (well sort of), he didn't goo off too much.  Of course he was hurt that Stefan and Elena lied to him, but he did seem to get why and took it well.  Stefan did deserve that one punch, so you have to give Damon that one.  Now that Damon knows that he has changed, I wonder if there is a chance for him and Elena again.  And I know that he did mean what he said to Enzo, but I don't know if he'll be able to keep his promise.  To resurrect Enzo before the Other Side disappears is going to be difficult at best, impossible at worst.

Speaking of the Other Side, I wonder if maybe it somehow fuels the power of the witches.  Death does release power and if that power were somehow concentrated on the Other Side, maybe it could be used to fuel the witches power, which could explain the disparity between them and the Travelers.  Therefore it is possible that by destroying it, the Travelers would therefore cause the witches power to lessen and destroy magic as we know it.  Unlikely?  Maybe, but still possible.  And intriguing.

Bonnie so needs to have the talk with Jeremy about the Other Side crumbling.  Her grams was right: he deserves to know what is going on, if only because he has already lost so much.  I do get why she is reluctant to say anything to him, but she does need to grow a spine soon and tell him.  He may focus on saving her, but at least he'll know and be able to prepare.

While Damon's anger at Stefan and Elena is understandable and justifiable, Caroline's is less so.  I do get that she is upset because Elena didn't tell her, but Caroline is such a lousy liar that if Elena had told her, Damon would have found out more quickly.  Besides, Elena promised Stefan to keep quiet.  And Caroline is obviously developing feelings for Stefan.  Here's hoping she figures out how to deal with them soon.

Until next week!