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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.21- The Battle of New Orleans

Marcels and the vampires v. Klaus and Elijah.  Let the showdown begin!  But wait!  There's a twist I did not see coming which changes a lot....

And that twist is that Francesca is a werewolf from the clan that Marcel supposedly killed off.  She has been planning her rise to power for some time, and she has achieved it.  She struck a deal with Genevieve to get the moon rings from her in exchange for ensuring that Genevieve and the witches got Hayley and her baby.  That is one nasty woman.  She has been playing all sides against each other.  She made sure the vampires were at each other throats, got the witches to work against them, and arranged for the bombing in the bayou.  She also took over the bar and threatened Cami.  Wonder when her comeuppance will come.

Klaus is in one hell of a pickle.  He allowed Genevieve to use his blood for the moon rings, but she altered the spell so that the wolves would draw upon his strength in order to not change on the full moon.  This leaves him weakened and unable to heal as he normally would.  To add to his trouble, the witches have Hayley, Davina is perilously close to resurrecting Mikael, and Francesca looks poised to take over the werewolves herself.  I do wonder if he had planned to betray Genevieve or not.  The problem is that he has betrayed so many people, that it is hard to take him at his word when he promises to do something.

Almost forgot how good Elijah is at fighting.  He doesn't do it very often, but when he does, he can more than handle himself.  Of course, if the vampires had been smart, they would have swarmed him and overwhelmed him that way,  But, since they only attacked one or two at a time, it was much easier for him to fight them off.  I do wonder if he would fight for Hayley or not.  He is so noble that he might see it as a better thing if she marries someone else, so he might not.  And I didn't realize that the Original were immune to werewolves' bites.  Klaus' bite affected Elijah, so I assumed that regular werewolves' bites would as well.  Either I missed something earlier, or this is something they never revealed.

Genevieve is desperate to stay alive and it showed.  It seems as if she is going to use the baby to complete the Harvest to bring back the last girl.  I could be wrong, but they did say that the baby was an offering, so I assume that is what is going to happen.  She does seem to have the upper hand on Klaus at this point, but never count him out.  And if he recovers, he is going to come after her with a vengeance and I am not sure who will win that particular war.

Davina is playing with fire and needs to tread very carefully.  Helping Marcel was not the smartest move and helping Mikael is even less smart.  Then again, she has always been fairly easy to manipulate and she is desperate to save Josh from Klaus' bite.  If she can bring back Mikael, she will show the sheer amount of power she possesses and show that she is incredibly naive.  I highly doubt that Mikael will help Josh (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Mikael killed him!) and Mikael is also not famous as a humanitarian.  I so hope Davina doesn't do anything stupid.

Hayley and Cami didn't do much this episode.  Cami discovered the truth about Francesca and Hayley stayed with Genevieve to help if needed.  Also, Hayley is about ready to give birth, so that explains a lot about her lack of action.

Next week, the season finale.  Until then!