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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.22- From a Cradle to a Grave

Well, that was quite the episode and set up some major things for next season.  We see a character we haven't seen in a while and possibly two others as well.  The witches' storyline comes to a head, Davina makes a major decision, and there are some serious surprises in store...

I've been saying for weeks now that things felt like Esther was behind the witches, and I was right!  When Klaus and Elijah brought her bones to New Orleans and consecrated them, Esther hitched a ride and came along as well.  She is the one who issued the decree that Hayley and Klaus' child must  be sacrificed.  Klaus and Elijah are upset at her for what she did, and now they need to be worried.  Unless I am very much mistaken the woman and man at the end of the episode were Esther and Finn.  I'm not sure if Esther still has her magic, but if she does, this is not going to be good.

To make matters even worse, Davina actually went and resurrected Mikael.  Fortunately, she was smart enough to insert something new into the spell so that she could control Mikael.  It may not last for long, but for the time being she has him under her control and is determined to only use him when she is ready.  If Esther has magic and knows about Mikael, I am more than willing to bet the she and Mikael will work together to bring down Klaus and Elijah.  And they may very well succeed, particularly since Mikael has the white oak stake.

I was impressed that Klaus and Hayley were able to send their baby away.  Granted, it makes sense given the number of enemies that they have, but it still could not have been easy.  The best part is that Klaus gave their daughter to Rebekah.  That was a totally cool way to bring Rebekah back.  And they can bring  her back again later if needed.  Giving Rebekah the baby will allow Hope to stay in the family and give Rebekah the semi-normal existence that she has been craving.  Wonder who she'll go to in order to get the cloaking magic.

Hayley is now a hybrid.  Monique (aka the psycho teen witch) slit her throat after Hope was born.  What no one realized is that Hayley still had Hope's blood in her system and so began the process of becoming a hybrid.  My one question is that all previous hybrids needed Elena's blood in order to survive the change.  Will Hayley require it?  Or is she an exception because she carried the baby?  Or did Klaus give her Elena's blood and I just missed it?

Monique is dead and I will shed no tears.  That girl was psychotic and I am so glad she's gone.  I must admit that death by 1,000 cuts was not a nice way to go and not something I expected to see literally happen.  Genevieve and the other Harvest girl are also dead, thus probably breaking the back of the witches' power.  That basically just leaves the wolves in charge of the Quarter.  The vampires have been decimated, most of the powerful witches are dead, and the humans have lost their major leaders.  So now is Klaus going to have to fight with Francesca for control of the Quarter?

So, that's it for this season of The Originals.  On Thursday, there is The Vampire Diaries and then nothing until Under the Dome, Teen Wolf, and Falling Skies come back on.  Until then!