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Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.21- Kill Switch

The Founder continues his quest for Roger while using the Tomorrow People to force his hand, the Tomorrow People react predictably, John is aimless after losing his powers, Stephen and Cara make a desperate attempt to save the Tomorrow People, and Jedikiah takes drastic action to save himself and to fulfill a longtime dream.

You know, I'd feel sorry for the Tomorrow People who died if it wasn't their own freaking fault that they died.  After all, the only reason the Founder was able to put the tracker with the kill switch into their heads was that they went in to see him despite the fact that they were warned not to.  The lone exception is Russell, who went at Cara's behest.  I would swear that Natalie was employed by the Founder because she was doing everything he could have possibly wanted.  I do get that all of this is in part because Cara's leadership has been lacking, but the fact is that Natalie led a group into Ultra last week and that led to their getting the trackers.  Now, she is unwilling to admit that this is largely her fault and starts blaming everyone around her.  Add to this the fact that the reason they went is because Roger is not acting fast enough (hello, been gone from his family for 6 years, give him a chance to be with them!) and you can see who is clearly at fault here.

I am surprised that no one, at any point, tried to point out to the group where the fault lay, particularly after Natalie laid the blame on Cara.  It's not like there is some sort of extenuating circumstances or anything.  The group acted in a rash and unthought out manner and got burned for it badly.  To be honest, I was sort of hoping that the Founder would kill most of them after he got Roger.  That would not have upset me at all.  I will be the first to admit that I have disagreed with a lot of Cara's decisions, but given how devious and manipulative both the Founder and Ultra have been, I don't understand why that group thought that they would be safe.  And now they've handed Roger over to the Founder and said that they have no problems sacrificing an untold number of humans to save their own traitorous butts.  Yeah, I hope they die horribly.

I think the worst part is the way that they completely turned on Roger because he didn't immediately take them to the Refuge.  Like I said in my review of the last episode, they are acting like a bunch of whining crybabies.  They built up Roger as this messianic figure and never gave a thought about his family, two of whom are just like them and the third one who could very easily break out given his genes.  Was he just supposed to leave his entire family behind?  Their attitude is infuriating, selfish, and downright stupid.  I'll stop about them but believe me, I could keep going.  Yes, I am definitely beyond annoyed with the group.

Poor John has lost his powers.  I am glad that he is friends with Astrid and that she was able to help him rally.  He still has his hand-to-hand combat training and his smarts, so even if he can't teleport himself, he can still be of some assistance.  He also has knowledge of Ultra and how they work, so he could be very useful there.  Here's hoping that he and Astrid survive the next episode.

Stephen and Cara did a good job at taking down the Founder's network.  I did notice that a bunch of people online seem to not get the difference between attempting to kill people and shooting things.  The Tomorrow People cannot (with rare exceptions like John) kill; or even attempt to kill; people without intense pain.  However, they can destroy things.  Look at things that they have blown up or similarly destroyed.  So, when Stephen took that gun and destroyed the equipment without aiming at the man, he did not trigger the pain response.  Not so hard to understand, but there seem to be a lot of people who just don't get that.

Jedikiah has powers now?  Oh boy, that is bad.  The bright spot is that John can now (hopefully) get his powers back.  Well, he should be able to unless the drug that strips the Tomorrow People of their powers somehow binds itself to the genetic sequences that control powers, in which case the drug may prevent someone from regaining their powers.

Tomorrow, the season finale.  Here's hoping nothing goes wrong.....