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Monday, May 5, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.22- Son of Man

There is a confrontation with the Founder, a few deaths, Stephen pulling some unimaginable moves, and one hell of a reset....

Ok, Stephen is officially the most powerful Tomorrow Person.  Not only did he manage to fight and beat the Founder; a feat previously thought to be impossible given the Founder's power; but he also somehow absorbed and/or redirected the energy from the Machine, reversed its effects, turned back time, and called all of the break-outs from all over to New York.  I can only assume that because he is Roger's son and Roger's energy was powering the Machine, he was able to do what he did with the energy.  And I am still not entirely sure what he did.  Some of it seemed to go into him and some of it went to creating that portal to purgatory (I think).  That was quite the feat itself.  But to then cause time to reverse itself after Natalie shot Cara was beyond amazing.  I realized what was happening just before it happened, but couldn't quite believe it.  Stephen's power is amazing when he can unleash it.  It is also quite scary.  To have that much power could be quite deadly in the wrong hands.  And I am not sure if it was the time reversal or the Machine's power that called everyone to New York, but now the Tomorrow People have taken up residence in Ultra's former headquarters.  I will be interested to see how Stephen and Cara handle the newcomers.

Speaking of Cara, what are going to be the effects of the time reversal on her?  She knows that something happened, but Stephen is not talking about it for fairly obvious reasons.  She's also going to have to get used to making decisions with Stephen because everyone is going to look up to him now.  Let's face it, when she was facing off against the Founder, she didn't stand a chance.  Most of her skills lie in her telepathic abilities.  Not that she is not a good fighter (because she totally is), but she is at her best when it comes to finding breakouts and communicating.  I was definitely impressed that she convinced John to save Astrid even though it was clearly killing her to send him away.

It was nice to see Russell redeem himself after the train wreck that he's been for the past few weeks.  He screwed up in a major way and knows it, but he managed to get his head screwed on straight and finally stand up to Natalie, who (by the way) has gone full on dark side.  She seemed almost eager to team up with the Founder and hunt down her former friends.  It's not like the Founder could kill her with the chip or anything, so that was all her.  I must admit that I was hoping that Stephen would somehow deflect the bullet back into her after he reversed time.  The fact that she escaped probably means that she'll show up again (assuming the show comes back).

John has his powers back.  Unfortunately, the process of getting his powers back has screwed with his head in spectacular fashion.  He doesn't recognize pictures of Stephen, Cara, or Russell; is working with Jedekiah (whose powers were temporary); and is in a fancy suit.  This cannot be good.  If he comes after Cara, I don't know if Stephen or anyone will be able to fight him off given their emotional attachment to him.  This turn of event especially sucks for Astrid who was really getting close to John.

So, the Founder is gone, Jedekiah is after Cara and the others to form a paranormal army of sorts, Stephen and Cara have a brand new group to work with, and humanity has been saved.  That is a reset.  I do hope the show gets picked up and comes back with a better (and more even) season.

Tomorrow, the Originals.  Until then!