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Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.20- What Lies Beneath

The Other Side continues to crumble allowing Enzo to do some damage, the Travelers continue their mission, Damon and Caroline try to discover the truth, and Matt and Jeremy capture Tyler....

What is it with the Travelers?  Individual witches seem to be able to do magic on their own, but it seems that the Travelers need to chant together in order to do much.  It seems weird that Luke was able to mask Elena and Stefan on his own when all of the Travelers were looking for them.  Did the witches' curse somehow make it so that the Travelers need to work together?  Or did the individual witches' become more powerful over time as they grew more distant from the Travelers?  I am very curious about this.

Markos seems to not handle pressure well.  Well, either that or he thinks time is growing short.  For the first time this week, he seemed to be stressed about what was going on.  Granted, Tyler did escape, but his stress level seemed awfully high for just that.  I wonder if the Other Side crumbling will cause problems for his plan.  Maybe there is a time limit or something.

Damon knows about Enzo, and surprisingly (well sort of), he didn't goo off too much.  Of course he was hurt that Stefan and Elena lied to him, but he did seem to get why and took it well.  Stefan did deserve that one punch, so you have to give Damon that one.  Now that Damon knows that he has changed, I wonder if there is a chance for him and Elena again.  And I know that he did mean what he said to Enzo, but I don't know if he'll be able to keep his promise.  To resurrect Enzo before the Other Side disappears is going to be difficult at best, impossible at worst.

Speaking of the Other Side, I wonder if maybe it somehow fuels the power of the witches.  Death does release power and if that power were somehow concentrated on the Other Side, maybe it could be used to fuel the witches power, which could explain the disparity between them and the Travelers.  Therefore it is possible that by destroying it, the Travelers would therefore cause the witches power to lessen and destroy magic as we know it.  Unlikely?  Maybe, but still possible.  And intriguing.

Bonnie so needs to have the talk with Jeremy about the Other Side crumbling.  Her grams was right: he deserves to know what is going on, if only because he has already lost so much.  I do get why she is reluctant to say anything to him, but she does need to grow a spine soon and tell him.  He may focus on saving her, but at least he'll know and be able to prepare.

While Damon's anger at Stefan and Elena is understandable and justifiable, Caroline's is less so.  I do get that she is upset because Elena didn't tell her, but Caroline is such a lousy liar that if Elena had told her, Damon would have found out more quickly.  Besides, Elena promised Stefan to keep quiet.  And Caroline is obviously developing feelings for Stefan.  Here's hoping she figures out how to deal with them soon.

Until next week!