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Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.21- Promised Land

The Travelers plan continues, Caroline gets hit with some truth, Damon confronts Markos, and we have what is possibly the most unexpected death of the series....

Stefan died.   He had his heart ripped out of his chest and he died.  He passed through Bonnie to the Other Side died.  I have to say that was completely unexpected.  Out of everyone on the show, I have always assumed that Elena, Damon, and Stefan were safe from being killed.  When Julian punched him, I assumed that he punched Stefan in the gut or something, so when that heart was in Julian's hand I was floored.  Unless I am completely wrong, Stefan will come back somehow, but I am not sure how.  When Markos was revived using the dopplegangers' blood, it started the unraveling that we are seeing.  Unless the witches can do something to either reverse the spell the Travelers cast or find a way to reinforce the Other Side, Stefan is doomed.

I am glad that Bonnie finally told someone the truth about the Other Side.  Not sure that Caroline was the best option, but at least someone else knows.  What Bonnie and Caroline really need to do is tell everyone what is going on to see if anyone has an alternate idea.  I think the best option would be to make Markos or one of the Travelers the new Anchor, thus allowing Bonnie to live and getting rid of one of the Travelers.  The only problem is that I don't know if Liv and Luke can do that now given the fact that they were caught in the Travelers' spell.

Damon's idea to hold the bodies of the Travelers' hostage was not a bad idea.  Unfortunately for Damon, Marko and the Travelers are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to cast the spell.  Damon's note in the cave was quite amusing.  I was surprised at how powerful Markos has become.  He has apparently become the focal point of power for all of the Travelers, which makes him very powerful and very dangerous.  If Julian's killing of Stefan did stop the spell, it may not have reversed it, which would mean that the gang is virtually powerless against Markos.  Damon, Elena, and Caroline can't get near him without dying and Jeremy; while well trained; may or may not be able to take Markos down.  This should be interesting.

Damon and Elena appear to be back together again with Stefan's blessing.  I am not sure if this will stick, but it will be interesting to see.  They are so miserable when they are apart that they do need to figure out a way to work out their issues or split up without falling apart again.  Hopefully they'll figure something out soon.

Honestly, that is all I really have to say.  Large portions of the episode were the Travelers chanting, Luke and Liv trying (and failing) to do what their coven wanted, and Stefan and Elena running from the Travelers.  Next week should be fairly epic....