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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.22- Home

That was quite the season ender.  While I was not biting my nails like I have in some of the past season finales, the last few minutes were what really made this episode epic.  We had death and destruction on an unprecedented scale, 4 recurring characters disappeared into Oblivion (or something similar), 1 recurring character died and came back, 2 main characters died and came back, 1 previously dead main character came back, 1 previously dead recurring character came back, 1 main character died and may or may not come back, 1 other main character may also be gone, and 1 main character returned from the beyond....

Yeah, if you're keeping track that was quite the death count tonight.  The Other Side is (apparently) gone, but most of our characters made it back before the door was closed.  Tyler and Elena both died and returned.  What was really interesting is that Tyler is now normal again.  Does this mean that Elena and Stefan (who also returned) are now normal as well?  Markos and Silas were sucked into Oblivion while Grams and Lexi disappeared in a flash of light.  I am not sure if they went to Oblivion or if they went somewhere else.  Alaric and Enzo also managed to make their way back as did Luke (who was killed by Caroline).  The question is what happened to Damon and Bonnie?  Oh, and all of the Travelers in Mystic Falls are gone too in a massive explosion.  Fortunately Liz somehow survived the blast, so that is cool.

Ok, let's start with Bonnie who was unquestionably the heroine of the night.  She taught Liv the spell to keep the door open so that people could return, stayed around long enough to return most of her friends, and stayed with Damon until the end.  While I am not her biggest fan, she definitely gets kudos for this.  I am just wondering what Grams meant when she said that she helped take care of Bonnie.  Did she do something to ensure Bonnie's survival when the Other Side collapsed?

I was very surprised that Damon was kept on the Other Side.  I know, it's a major cliffhanger, but it was still very surprising.  I am not sure why Bonnie couldn't have grabbed both Alaric and Damon at the same time.  My only guess is that she only had the energy to do one at a time, but that could be wrong.  I don't see them killing Damon off unless Ian wants out, so I am sure he'll be back.  My only question is how?  The writers and actors have said that they are closing the Other Side to make death mean something again, so he can't be around as a ghost.

I am so happy that Alaric is back.  I've really missed him and I think he'll be really good for Elena.  If the unthinkable happens and Damon is actually gone, he'll be able to comfort her.  He'll also be able to help Jeremy out if Bonnie doesn't make it back.  If Damon doesn't make it back the thing I will miss the most will be the Damon-Alaric bromance.  Those two were always so awesome together.

Looks like Steroline is now on (or close to it).  Lexi hit Stefan over the head with a verbal 2x4 about him and Caroline, so maybe Stefan will give it a shot.  Like Alaric, I think Caroline will be a good shoulder for Stefan to cry on.  While she was never a fan of Damon (understandably), she is a good comforter and will be good for Stefan.

Tyler is back to normal.  Interesting.  Hopefully he doesn't revert to his douchebag self that he was in Season 1.  Not entirely sure how far the reset on him will go.  I will say that I suspect that the reason he returned as a human is that when he died again, he was back to being human.  Therefore, I suspect that Elena and Stefan; who were both vampires when they died (I think); will stay as vampires.

It was nice to see Lexi again and I am glad that she was able to take care of Markos and achieve peace.  She really deserves it.

Is the Travelers' anti-magic spell gone now that all of the Travelers' are dead?  I hope it is, because otherwise the gang can't go back home.

Well, this is my last review of the season.  Under the Dome, Falling Skies, and Teen Wolf all start in June, so I'll see y'all then!