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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Review of Falling Skies Episode 4.02- The Eye

Lourdes is even crazier that I had previously thought, the Espheni offer Tom a deal, Anne continues to be scary Momma Bear, and Lexie holds a few surprises of her own...

Lexie is apparently going to be the centerpiece of the season.  The Espheni look at her as the key to a new order, Lourdes and her followers practically worship her, and Anne is beyond determined to find her.  Lexie herself seems to be unsure about who she is.  As the doctor noted, she is less than a year old, but has the body of a 21 year old.  Apparently the combining of Espheni and human DNA is causing some really interesting things to happen.  She definitely has telekinetic abilities as was shown twice in the episode.  First, when Ben confronted her and she started blowing things around and then later when Lourdes confronted Ben and the doctor and she caused the vial of her blood to shatter against the wall and then move away.

I have to wonder if the Espheni are telling the truth when they told Tom that something worse was coming.  If they are (and that is a *BIG* if), then everything they are doing makes a sort of sense.  Encouraging kids to work with them doesn't quite fit in with what the Overlord told Tom, but they may be trying out different approaches to work on the problem.  Having Lexie encourage peaceful coexistence, recruiting human adults, and brainwashing kids suggests that the Espheni are starting to get a little desperate and are searching for a thing (or combination of things) that will enable them to pacify the Earth before this mysterious other force arrives.

I am a little worried about Matt.  The leader of the camp seems to suspect that Matt is up to something, but doesn't seem to have proof yet.  You have to wonder if the guy Matt was supposed to meet really graduated or if something else happened to him.  Either way, it is not good.  Matt's plan requires a steady build up to a rebellion or escape and if Matt keeps on having to find new people, it is going to go nowhere fast.

Lourdes is even creepier than last week.  Refusing to let Ben see Lexie and insisting that only she can give consent for Lexie to be studied (no other way to phrase that) is so controlling and creepy.  I have to imagine that what is going on now is an aftereffect of the possession from last season.  Lourdes seems to see herself as the true leader of the compound and she is using Lexie as a figurehead to accomplish her own goals.  And why exactly is Lexie meeting with the Overlord?  Is she under their control (see Hal from last season) or is she doing this freely to facilitate peace between the Espheni and the humans?  And does Lourdes really think that she can stop Ben from seeing Lexie?  Unless things have changed, he still has the heightened physical abilities from the time when he was harnessed, so there is not a whole lot she can do if he is determined to see Lexie.

Anne is scaring me in a whole different way.  She has blinders on and those blinders are the blinders of a mother trying to find her child.  She doesn't seem to notice that she is wearing everyone around her out and stabbing that Skitter while it was still linked to the girl was something I would not have expected from her before now.

Did Tom really accept the Overlord's deal or did he just seem to accept it in order to buy time so that he can figure out a way to get everyone out of the ghetto?  I did find it interesting that Matt was in the ghetto for a little while before being taken to the reeducation camp.  As for Pope, he appears to have changed a little bit in that he is going along with Weaver and Tom a little more quickly than he has in the past.

Tomorrow night, I'll review Teen Wolf and then I'll do Under the Dome on Wednesday.  Until then!