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Monday, June 30, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.02- 117

Until the very end, I was wondering where on earth the title of the episode came from.  Then, it all made sense.  Tonight, Peter met Malia (and it was awkward), everyone was trying to figure out what happened to Derek (ok, a little awkward), and Kate found Derek (majorly awkward). Sensing a theme anyone?

Yes, the theme of the night was awkwardness.  Ok, it might as well have been.  With Scott and Stiles keeping Malia's parentage from her, Stiles lying to Mr. McCall about who teen Derek was, and Scott lying to teen Derek about his family, it was hard to keep the stories straight.  I was hoping Scott would tell teen Derek about his family, but I can't blame him for lying.  After all, teen Derek had no memories about anything and was very confused about what was going on.  If he had found out the truth at the police station, it is possible that he would have gone off before Scott could stop him.  Lying to Malia about Peter is not nearly as understandable.  I don't know if Peter asked that Malia be kept in the dark or if Scott and Stiles think they're protecting her, but I guarantee that if she finds out from the wrong person, it won't be pretty.  As for lying to Mr. McCall, that is par for the course around the uninitiated, so nothing new there.

Watching Peter meet Malia for the first time was definitely awkward.  For a second, I thought he was going to tell Malia who he was, but he didn't.  I hafta say that the way he was talking to her sorta creeped me out.  It was almost like he was flirting in a weird way.  Very creepy.  Speaking of Malia, when Stiles was relaying the story of Malia in his bed to Scott, I had to chuckle, particularly when he showed Scott his back.  I am assuming claw marks of some sort were present.  And poor Stiles ended up being the small spoon....

I was impressed with how fast Peter managed to put together everything about Kate.  The look on his face when he realized that Scott was talking about Kate was a little scary and pretty intense.  It was the face of an unhappy, semi-pissed off man.  And he also put together her plan pretty rapidly.  Deaging Derek to the point where he was still in love with her and would do anything for her was genius.  My only question is how the heck did she do it?

Kate and teen Derek was off the charts creepy.  He couldn't have been much more than 17 and she is at least 10 years older.  Sorry, but that was just majorly creepy and awkward.  It was made even creepier because we knew that she was only using him to get what she wanted and then she was probably going to kill him.  <shudder>

Those Berserkers were impressive.  They took apart both Scott and Malia in short order.  Kira would have lasted longer except she stopped to smile at Scott and took her attention away from fighting the Berserkers.  Dumb idea sweetie.  And then teen Derek came to the rescue and, man, could he fight!  I don't know how he could fight so well, but he did and somehow that turned him back into Derek.  I knew teen Derek was only going to be in this episode (read an interview with Jeff Davis), but I wish he had stuck around longer.  I think that could have been seriously fun watching everyone have to adjust to teen Derek.

Speaking of adjusting, poor Sheriff Stilinski looked like he was about to have a breakdown.  Watching him go back and forth from the computer screen to teen Derek and then having that conversation with Stiles and Scott about time travel had me giggling.

Poor Lydia just keeps on finding dead bodies.  When Kira realized that the tank was full even though Lydia pulled into a gas station, you could tell she knew something was up.  And that ripped apart body was seriously disgusting.  I have to give the props people kudos for that one.

I know I said it last week, but I am so glad to have Stiles back.  He was in top form tonight, especially when he was in Scott's house with teen Derek.  Unfortunately for him, the fallout from last arc continues in the form of unpaid bills for the Eichen House.

Next week, the introduction of 3 new lacrosse players.  Until then!