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Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Review of Falling Skies 4.04- Evolve or Die

Tom searches for Matt, Weaver finds Jeanne, Pope finds something surprising, Anne finds out something disturbing, and Hal has to make a decision.....

Pope found something that is totally unneeded: a female version of himself.  Now that there are 2 of him, this is going to be very interesting.  Like Pope, Sarah thinks the invasion is the best thing that has happened to her and she is as devious as he can be.  Then, when Hal was chewing out Pope (and rightfully so!) for leaving,, she jumps to Poe's defense.  Wisely, Hal decided to back off a bit.  Two major troublemakers in the same place is going to make life very interesting for everyone.

Anne had a major decision to make.  When she found out the wackiness going on in Lexi's camp and that Lexi was meeting with the Espheni, she wisely decided it wasn't a good thing.  She also, wisely, listened to Ben and decided to give Lexi a chance.  Anne is right, the Espheni absolutely can not be trusted.  Even if we hadn't seen the final scene (which, by the way, was totally cool), a betrayal was virtually certain.  The Espheni ought to know by now that trying to keep control of Ben is not easy.  I know that they can seize him if they want, but he is very strong willed and managed to read the Espheni's mind while linked to him.  Ben is a smart guy and not easily deceived.  Unfortunately, Lexi appears to be swallowing the Espheni's lies hook, line, and sinker, so I am seeing a confrontation at some point unless Anne or Ben can somehow get through to her.  And given the power that she has displayed, I don't see Lexi going down easily.

Poor Weaver.  he finds his daughter only to discover that she has been transformed by the Espheni.  In the good news department, she is not under their control.  I am not sure if that was because she might have been one of the first to be transformed or if it is because of who she is.  I'm not sure why she attacked Cochise (unless that is some sort of Espheni programming or something), but saving Weaver was pretty cool.  Gonna miss her, but I am glad Weaver has surrogate son in the form of Matt.

So glad that Tom found Matt and got him out of there.  His impulse to save all the kids was a good one, but unfortunately he did not know about the brainwashing the Espheni have been using.  And I am glad that girl helped get Matt and Tom out of there after the trouble she got Matt in last week because she stole the fence cutters.  Unfortunately for Matt, I suspect that the next time we see her, she will be firmly under the Espheni's grip.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be wrong, but I don't see her successfully resisting without Matt there to provide support.

After some soul searching, Hal made a crucial decision.  Even though Tom told him to stay put, he could not have known that the Espheni would be coming to the encampment that quickly.  Hal was paralyzed because the last time he made a decision like this, someone died.  I totally get why that would be paralyzing for him, he did need to focus on the here and now.  Leaving that note for his dad was a smart move.  Unfortunately, I suspect that by going to Lexi's camp, Hal is just going to find trouble.  They obviously won't be allowed inside the camp without disarming, and if the Espheni find out that they are there, the Espheni may use their presence as a pretext for an attack.

As I said earlier, the Espheni mode of communication was totally cool.  I'm not sure how compressing dirt makes a communicator, but the visual was striking.  And I was right, the Espheni are planning on a multipronged attack.  They want to use Lexi as a weapon and they want to hunt down Tom (I assume he is the Mason they were talking about) and kill him.

Until next week!