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Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Review of Falling Skies 4.05- Mind Wars

Tom encounters 2 new people, Anne and Lexie have a major disagreement, the Espheni link to Ben has unexpected consequences, and Hal takes part in an unorthodox plan....

Before I start the review, I wanted to make sure you saw that Falling Skies was renewed for a fifth and final season.  Really glad to know that it will be coming back and even more glad that they announced that it would be the final season.  Not that I want the show to end, but I do hate it when a show is not told it is going to end and consequently ends on a cliffhanger, so at least we know that the show is ending so that things can be wrapped up.  Now onto tonight's episode.

Anne and Lexie had an interesting battle of wills.  Anne is still holding the Espheni hostage and Lexie is none to pleased about it because she considers this Espheni to be her father, which he is in a way.  If he is the one who put his DNA into Anne when she was pregnant with Lexie, he could be considered her father.  The fact that Lexie was willing to attack Anne the way she did is scary.  And releasing the Espheni was not smart, although it was understandable given how Lexie views this Espheni.  I wonder if the Espheni was causing Lexie's illness or if it was something else.

What happened to Ben leads me to conclude that the Espheni probably had something to do with Lexie's illness.  The link to the Espheni, for some reason, took a serious toll on Ben.  He didn't seem to have any issues last week and hasn't had any in the past, so the only reason why he would seem to be having problems now would seem to be because the Espheni is doing something in the link.  Well, that and the fact that when Anne was beating the Espheni, Ben was being damaged too.  Whatever it is, it cannot be a good thing, particularly because Ben was not in the immediate area when the Espheni was being beaten.  We've seen pain be shared across the link before, but for there to be physical effects and bruising is something new.

I liked the Volm's unorthodox way of finding a safe path to Lexie's compound.  Knocking the Mech (is that the proper name?) down and removing that part was smart.  And the fact that the Volm totally missed Hal's sarcasm was amusing.  I am assuming that the plan went as planned, either that or Pope's ramming the Mech with the truck was a good plan B.

Then there was Tom, Weaver, and Matt.  So glad that Tom and Weaver are suspicious, because that saved both Weaver and Matt.  When a complete stranger is somewhat evasive and greets you sort of like a brother, it is not a good thing if you are Tom Mason.  The Espheni are *REALLY* desperate to get him given how big of a search they are conducting and the fact that they are using humans to find him.  I am glad that he realized what the one brother had done and convinced the other one of the truth.  Allowing your own nephews to die is completely despicable.  The fact that he traded their lives for his is even more despicable.

I am also glad that Matt could not take that shot.  He has had to grow up so quickly, that it is nice to see that he is not totally hardened yet.  He, understandably, wants revenge for what happened to his dad and family, but he is not at the point where he is cold.  Taking a human life should never be easy, so it is nice to see that he isn't there and that Weaver was able to help him realize what he could not do.  Weaver is so good with Matt and always has been.

Until next week!