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Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Review of Falling Skies 4.06- Door Number Three

We spend the episode exploring how each of the Masons reacts to a development on the Lexi front.

Let's get the first few minutes out of the way.  Hal and his group get to the sanctuary where they meet Tom, Weaver, and Matt and they are all reunited with Ben, Anne, and everyone else.  Lexi then goes into a cocoon and that is what I want to concentrate on because that was the bulk of the episode.

Most of the Masons reacts in a fairly predictable way to Lexi being in the cocoon.  Tom wants to get more information, Hal wants to eliminate a possible threat, Ben sees parallels between his life and Lexi's, Matt sides with Tom, and Anne looks for a way to free Lexi.

Let's start with Hal.  Out of all of them, I was the most surprised at his reaction.  Well, I was until I thought about it and think I understand some of his reasoning.  Hal is not a biological father like Tom is, but he takes his responsibility to keep the people with him safe very seriously and that is where his head is.  He is not looking at Lexi as a sister, but as a threat that needs to be eliminated.  The other thing is that he is allowing himself to be easily swayed by the fear that people are feeling.  To his credit, he does want to talk with Tom first unlike Pope, who naturally wants to shoot first and never bother asking questions at all.

Tom, on the other hand, has conflicting loyalties here.  He wants to protect everyone, but he also wants to protect his daughter from harm.  So he wants to be shown evidence that Lexi is dangerous before doing anything like killing her.  I do think that he would kill Lexi if he had to, but he would torture himself about it afterward.  And while I appreciate Weaver's opinion, I disagree that Lexi is an imminent military threat.  Do I trust her?  Hell to the no, but I do think that her heart is in the right place.  She is just being pulled in two different directions by the Espheni and her family.

Ben, although he never said this, is obviously thinking about how he was treated.  After all, when he was first returned to the 2nd Mass (and even afterwards), he was a pariah because of the harness.  I don't know if he could kill Lexi if necessary, but he might be about the only one to stand a chance.  I just worry that she'd be able to control him the way the Espheni do.  Then there was the dream he had about him and Maggie.  I have to say that when I saw that scene in the first preview, I was a little worried because I thought it might actually happen.  The fact that it was a dream makes it a little less worrisome (what with her relationship with Hal), and I so hope the writers don't go for some sort of weird love triangle, because that would be truly wierd.

Anne, ever the mama bear, is looking for a way to save Lexi because she couldn't save Sammy.  After that vision with Lexi, Anne is convinced that she just needs to be there for Lexi.  That whole thing does worry me, if only because it was a rather sudden turn around in Anne's opinion.  That being said, it was understandable given how maternal Anne can be and the fact that she wants so badly to save Lexi.

Matt is going with family and siding with Tom.  We don't get a whole lot about his motivations, but I suspect they are pretty basic.

The crowd looking to kill Lexi was reacting out of sheer fear of the unknown.  Like I said before, I don't trust Lexi and I do think that she may be dangerous.  If the people continue to not trust her, she will definitely become dangerous because they will prove to her that humanity is violent and deadly.  We also got to her from Lourdes why she is completely devoted to Lexi.  She claims that Lexi helped rid her of fear.  Not that I trust Lourdes either, but it was nice to get an explanation.

I also want to say that if anyone has the right to the benefit of the doubt, it is Tom Mason.  He was right when he said that he has given so much to the people of the 2nd Mass.  He has fought for them, killed for them, been taken to protect them, and so much more.  Part of the problem is that Pope is really good at finding people's triggers and using them.  Pope has a serious hate on for the Mason clan, which is part of the reason I was disappointed in Hal.  Pope hates Tom, can't stand Ben, and thinks both Matt and Hal are spoiled princes.  Pope also has the nasty habit (as noted above) of shooting first and then never asking questions.  While it may be good to have someone like that around to give contrarian advice, he is not a good leader at all.

Next week looks like an all out battle with the Espheni.  Until then!