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Monday, July 7, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.03- Muted

After a gruesome beginning, there is a surprising twist at the end that I half expected, but not in the way I expected.  There are lacrosse tryouts and Scott feels threatened, Kira's parents decide to move, there's something interesting about Derek, and Lydia's powers kick in and she discovers that she has a reputation at the sheriff's office....

The beginning scene was one I'd seen before because its been available online for some time now.  A family, except for the youngest son (a teenager) is killed, but the son escapes.  I almost laughed when Sheriff Stilinski was relieved that it appeared to be a "normal" murder and nothing supernatural.   Only in Beacon Hills could a whole family being axed to death be something of a relief.  Only problem?  The family was not what it appeared.  While they never actually said it, I feel safe when I say that I think the whole family were wendigos and that Sean (the son) transformed because of the stress and everything that was going on.  Why else would they have a basement full of dead bodies?

What is up with Derek's eyes?  I didn't notice the color initially (and they didn't really register with me last week), but when I looked back at it, I realized that they were gold/yellow.  Does that mean that it is as if Paige never died?   If so, is it possible that Derek could become the shows second True Alpha?  That would be pretty weird and not good because Derek is not a good leader.

Poor Lydia has a reputation at the sheriff's department (at least) as someone who shows up at crime scenes.  Good thing she was there with Parrish, because otherwise she couldn't have warned Scott in time to save his mother and Liam.  And how exactly was she channeling that mute killer?  At least, I think she was.  The writing in the "notes" she let Malia borrow appear to have been the same as the writing the killer was looking at when he had that tube in his neck.

Speaking of Malia, she is having some serious trouble with school.  She really needs someone to catch her up ASAP.  I would assume that the school has testing of some sort, shouldn't it have noted that she really didn't know what someone her age should have known?  Also, if anyone can help me with the timeline it'd be appreciated. Since Seasons 1 and 2 were sophomore year and I thought Season 3 was junior year, aren't they seniors now?  Just trying to keep this straight.

Anyway, back to Malia, watching Stiles try and help her study was entirely too cute.  He was trying so hard to help her study first and then get on with the making out, but she didn't want that (at first).  And man, is she forceful with what she wants!  I do think she and Stiles are really good for each other.  They just need to get Lydia to help her learn math better.  When Malia growled at Stiles right before going up to the board, I just had to laugh at the expression on his face.

Liam is cocky and he has earned that right.  He is a damn good lacrosse player who Scott could only beat when Scott was allowing himself to use his wolf enhancements.  Sorry Scott, but I don't see it as cheating.  As long as he is careful with the strength, he is just using what are (now) his natural abilities to play the game better.  Watching Scott and Stiles team up on defense to take the guys out one by one was just too much fun.  Scott just needs to be a bit more careful when he gets upset.  I know he didn't intend to use his strength on Liam, but apparently he did.  To his credit, he immediately went to help Liam.

And Scott's pack is about to increase by one Beta now that Liam has been bitten.  Yes, I know he could die, but I doubt it.  Adding wolf senses to Liam's already impressive athletic skills is going to make Beacon Hills a hard team to stop.  I also don't see Liam being particularly amenable to being Scott's Beta.  Scott is probably going to have to throw his Alpha weight around before Liam comes into line (if he does at all).

So what is up with the mute killer?  Does he hunt wendigos?  Or did he kill that family for another reason?  I doubt he is a hunter, otherwise he would have attacked Scott.  Whatever he is, I expect more trouble from him before the season is over.

Scott and Kira are really cute together.  I am liking this relationship as much (or maybe a little more) than I did Scott and Allison's.  Because they were each other's first loves, Scott and Allison's relationship was very intense and dramatic.  Scott and Kira have both been in relationships before and this is making most of their interactions a little lighter and a little more fun.  When Scott pecked Kira on the lips before the class and then realized what he did, he got the funniest look on his face.  Kira was just stunned, but definitely happy.  She was over the moon when he came back for that big kiss later.  I definitely want to see more of the two them.  I just wonder how her being on the lacrosse team is going to affect their relationship.

Until next week!