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Monday, July 14, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.04- The Benefactor

Scott and the gang have their hands full dealing with Liam, Derek and the Sheriff investigate the Mute, Peter meets the Mute in a very unpleasant way, Lydia figures out what the stuff she was writing says, we meet two of the Benefactor's minions, and an old face returns....

I do have to feel sorry for Liam.  Turns out he was pulled out if his last school after he took a crowbar to a teacher's car and more or less destroyed it.  I assume he joined the lacrosse team (in part) to help him get out some of that aggression.  Only thing is he ends up getting bit, kidnapped, and taped up by Scott.  I must admit that watching Scott and Stiles try and figure out what to do with Liam in the beginning was utterly hilarious.  Scott's spur of the moment plan really did suck and I cannot believe that they fell for his "crying".  Really guys?  I thought you were smarter than that!

Then when Kira was tasked with getting Liam to Lydia's lake house as a safe place to change, she had the most hilarious entrance.  His face when she came down the stairs was totally classic and when she tripped and fell, I practically busted a gut laughing.  Then when it turned out that he had invited all of his friends to the "party", it was just too damn funny.  Good thing Lydia can throw a good party.  Watching her be a responsible adult type and policing the party was one of the greatest things.

Fortunately for Liam, Scott is persistent.  Scott's main problem is that he was trying to be like Derek, which is never a great plan.  Scott is Scott and he really needed to be that for Liam.  I kept wondering why it never occurred to Scott to Alpha out and help Liam that way.  Then it occurred to me.  Scott is trying very hard to maintain control because he bit Liam even after the hunters warned him about what would happen if he bit an innocent.  Also, he was probably also remembering all the problems he had because Peter bit him.  Scott, you ain't Peter, so don't worry about that.  Just keep being yourself like you were at the end and things will work out just fine.

Turns out that Liam is totally freaking out about his parents seeing him as a monster.  Scott just needs to keep reassuring him that werewolves are not inherently monsters.  Did Scott make a mistake when he bit Liam?  Sure, but it did allow Scott to save Liam's life.  Unfortunately, I don't think the hunters will see it that way.  They will see an Alpha who bit and turned an innocent.

Watching Stiles take care of Malia when she was turning just goes to show how far Stiles has come and how good he and Malia are for each other.  Stiles is endlessly patient with her and tells her about his struggle with the nogitsune and his feelings of power that he got from what the nogitsune was doing.  Malia is helping Stiles to become the man he is fully capable of being.  I have to admit that I loved his response when Liam asked what he was, that was classic Stiles.  Seeing Stiles taking care of Malia shows why we love Stiles.  He is totally sweet and utterly loyal.  Could Malia have hurt him badly?  Sure, but by expressing confidence that she wouldn't be, he helped her to get the control she so desperately needed.

Turns out Garrett and Violet (Garrett's girlfriend) are working for the Benefactor who also hired the Mute.  And that gibberish that the Mute was looking at and Lydia wrote down?  It was a hit list for supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills.  I think I saw the name of every member of Scott's pack (except Stiles, did someone else see him?) on the list as well as several other names I did not know.  What has me worried is that the password to decode the gibberish was "Allison" which leads me to suspect that one of three people is the Benefactor: Gerard, Kate, or Chris.  I am seriously worried that if it is Chris because he has the potential to easily do the most damage to Scott's pack since he is a trusted figure.  But after what happened to Allison, let's just say that he would not be the first member of his family to become unhinged after the death of a loved one.

It was nice to see Chris return.  He is the one adult (besides Deaton) that Scott can rely on about supernatural events.  Melissa and the Sheriff are good for dealing with the messes, but Chris and Deaton help Scott learn how to prevent them and are much more experienced in dealing with them.  Like I said above, that is why I am seriously worried about the possibility of Chris being the Benefactor.  I really hope that they don't go there.

I was astonished that Peter took that axe to his chest and kept on going.  Talk about resilience!  And when he caught the Mute, that was more than a little vicious.  I am glad the Sheriff didn't shoot Peter, because chances of killing Peter with one shot was exceedingly slim and a pissed off Peter is not what the Sheriff needed at that point.  I must admit that when the Sheriff said that he was bringing in an expert, I half expected to see Lydia show up.

When Lydia was in that room and there was no noise coming out of her or Mason's mouths, I thought my stereo system had malfunctioned.  It took me a little while to figure out that it was purposeful (my system has a weird habit of conking out randomly).  Then when those faces were bulging out of the walls, it was just weird.  I am not sure how either of those gave her Allison's name as a password, but they did somehow.

Until next week!