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Monday, July 21, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.05- I.E.D.

Kira has her first lacrosse game, Scott struggles to help Liam cope with his anger, Stiles and Scott fill the Sheriff in on what is going on, and Lydia calls in some help and manages to discover another part of the list...

So, the password for the second part of the list was "Aiden".  That is the second member of Scott's pack who died last arc who is a password.  So the question is who the third name is.  The only other member of Scott's pack who died was Boyd (not counting Erica because she wasn't really in Scott's pack) and that was in Season 3A.  Also, since Kate's name was on the second list, I think we can safely eliminate her as The Benefactor.  It is still possible that either Chris or Gerard is The Benefactor though.  At this point, it is really up in the air.  What was really surprising is that Deputy Parrish is on the kill list.  What exactly is he?

Talk about having your hands full.  Not only does Scott have to worry about a lacrosse scrimmage as the team captain, he also has to worry about Liam flipping out and a groups of assassins.  The good thing is that Liam wants to remain in control and Scott is doing a very good job handling him.  Once Scott got off of his little kick as Derek Jr., he does a good job.  It is a whole lot for him to handle, but with the help of the gang he can do it.  I just hafta ask whether or not he killed Violet.  At the very least, she was knocked out cold and I didn't hear a neck snap, so I think it is safe to assume she is alive, but we just don't know yet.  Violet was definitely trying to kill him and found out why you don;t go after Scott.

Liam added a new wrinkle to his story this week.  We already knew he had anger issues, but we didn't know he has Intermittent Explosive Disorder.  Basically, he gets bouts of uncontrollable anger that are triggered by some outside event.  Couple this with the aggressiveness of a werewolf and you have a truly bad situation.  Stiles was not far off when he called Liam a ticking time bomb.  As I said before though, Scott is helping Liam get control and if Liam can continue to control this, he will be fine.  The problem comes when people purposefully set him off the way his old classmates did.  Fortunately, Scott and Stiles were there to get Liam to calm back down.

I love Liam's friend Mason.  His conversation with Liam as the captain of the other team was changing was hilarious.  Mason was so plainly checking the guy out and Liam was hovering between amusement and annoyance.  He was clearly annoyed that his best friend would find one of his tormentors hot while simultaneously amused at how poorly Mason hid it.  Also loved that Mason asked Liam to let him have the guy after Liam finished with him.

Scott, Stiles, and Liam figured out that Garrett is one of the assassins after Scott and Stiles told Liam that the killer was on the lacrosse team and had something to do with the beer delivery.  A blade in a lacrosse stick was a cool idea if only because lacrosse is so rough that it is easier to use the blade to incapacitate the target before killing them.  And Violet being an assassin clearly clinched this in Scott and Stiles' minds.

Bringing Meredith back was a good idea for Lydia.  I was surprised that Lydia didn't try to change the numbers to letters immediately.  After all, using numbers as letters is not a new idea, particularly given the fact that Meredith was specific that they formed a telephone number.  Good thing Malia had her head screwed on straight and pointed out the obvious to Lydia.

I loved Kira's quick talk with her dad.  She so thought she was busted about the whole death list thing, only to find out he knew about the lacrosse team.  His face as he attempted to put together what she was talking about was also quite funny.  And she did quite a good job at lacrosse, even if she didn't follow Coach Winstock's instructions.

Until next week!