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Monday, July 28, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.06- Orphaned

Scott has to work with someone he'd rather not work with, the fallout from last week continues, Liam gets in major trouble, Derek teams up with Malia to find another pack, Stiles and Lydia work together to unlock the final part of the dead pool, and a scary new alliance seems to be formed....

Wow, Scott had a busy week.  First, he busts into Garrett's gym locker and takes the money that is in there, then he has to team with Garrett to rescue Liam, and then he works with Chris Argent to find Kate in order to get Violet and rescue Liam.  In the process he managed to get stabbed, run through several walls, and thrown around by a Berserker.  Yeah, just a little busy.  The promise he made at the end is going to drive the rest of the season methinks.  Scott is bound and determined to save as many people as possible and he is not going to be in for an easy ride.  With Kate and the Berserkers out there, the Benefactor's assassins looking, and now Peter working with Kate, this is not going to be easy for Scott to deal with.

Speaking of Kate, she is even more vicious than we have previously seen.  She and the Berserkers took out at least 10-15 assassins (may have been more, lost count) and the only reason Scott and Chris are alive is that Kate didn't want Chris dead and called off the Berserkers before they could do permanent damage to Scott or Chris.  As for her seeming to team up with Peter (never heard her actually accept, but it seems like she will), that is so not going to be a good thing.  The two of them are two of the more dangerous enemies Scott has, particularly since Peter has spent a lot of time with Scott and his group and can probably predict what they'll do.

It was nice to see Malia with someone besides Stiles.  Derek is losing his werewolf abilities and needed help.  For all his faults, he can be a good teacher and that is what Malia needs right now.  Well, that and learning how to deal with people socially.  That girl has absolutely no filter.  It is funny, but if she keeps busting out with lines like the one about sniffing for Scott, things could get tricky.  Turns out Derek realized whose pack the recently killed wolves were a part of: Satomi.  Remember the Japanese werewolf from the flashback episode last arc?  Her.  Turns out she turned to Buddhism to maintain control after her molotov cocktail outburst.  Unfortunately, her pack appears to have been wiped out.

Stiles and Lydia team up again to work on cracking the rest of the deadpool.  Well, that and warning Deputy Parrish that he is on the list.  And apparently Parrish is unaware if he is supernatural because he seems to have no clue as to why he is on there.  Well, either that or he is hiding it well (which is always possible).  Going to Meredith was smart.  Unfortunately, she wasn't any help because the Benefactor somehow go to her and scared her into silence.  Watching Deputy Parrish threaten the Eichen House guard was quite amusing, as was Stiles' reaction/  And realizing that the last name (Derek) could be the name of someone who would die was a smart move on Stiles' part.  Speaking of Derek and Stiles, Derek needs to stop underestimating Stiles.  Yes, he is a bit of a hyperactive spaz but aside from Lydia, he is easily the most intelligent of the gang.

Poor Liam got caught by Garrett and stuck down a well.  Climbing out was quite impressive, as was his howl.  Without that, I don't think Scott would have found him as quickly.  If he can keep learning from Scott, he will probably become a formidable force.  I suspect that he will be a scrappy fighter too.

Until next week!