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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Review of Under the Dome 2.02- Infestation

There's fall out from Angies murder and we get a scare of the week....

Honestly, I was pretty bored with this week's episode.  Aside from the question of who murdered Angie and some of the attending issues, most of the episode seemed like filler.  The whole storyline about the bugs and low food supply seems like a story right out of the first season.  Granted, it sorta ended up feeding into the whole Big Jim storyline, but it was still sorta meh.

The question of who murdered Angie seems like it might be a big arc.  There were 3 suspects named: Big Jim, Junior, and the lake girl.  Both Big Jim and the lake girl seem to have been ruled out for now, but Junior has Angie's bracelet and he blacked out.  I doubt he did it, but it seems pretty obvious that we are supposed to think he killed her.

The real saving grace for this episode is the continuation of the believers vs. skeptics storyline.  Big Jim has come to believe that the Dome has a plan for him.  This idea of his is being fed by the town cheering him on and Rebecca saying that he is the real leader.  I was a little confused by her rather sudden turnaround from last week's episode.  She seemed to be the solid skeptic, but now she is following Big Jim and his quasi-religious beliefs?  Huh?

This is really about all I have for the episode.  I really hope it gets better and fast or else I may end up dropping it.