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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Review of Under the Dome 2.03- Force Majeure

This week's episode was slightly better that last weeks, but unless it gets a whole lot better in a week or two, I'm outta Chester's Mill.  They are relying on what should be a season 1 crutch of crisis of the week and repeating the science v. faith storyline without it going anywhere.  I was really excited to see where that storyline would take us, but right now it is going in circles.  There's a crisis.  Believers claim it is the Dome communicating, Rebecca insists it's science (now she's back and it's giving me whiplash!).  Julia and Barbie fight because she is insistent that the Dome is behind everything and he is a skeptic.  This is the third week in a row with that type of story.  I get doing this in the first season of a show when we're learning about the characters and world, but by the time you reach season 2, we've gotten to know the characters and the world, so they need to be explored a bit more.

Junior did have a half interesting storyline.  Joe discovered that there was something going on that allowed an internet connection to the outside world and Junior saw a video from his mom that pointed him towards the latest religious fanatic who dated her in the past.  Junior's exploration of his mom's past could be interesting if it became a major storyline and not relegated to the background behind the crisis of the week.  And why did Joe go from wanting to kill the new girl (name Melanie Cross) to practically flirting with her in front of Norrie?

As I said above, this show has until the episode on the 28th to prove to me that it deserves to be watched.  At that point I will make a decision.  This will be my last review of the show unless I continue watching it because I don't want to spend time barely writing anything.  So, on the 29th or so, I'll let y'all know what is happening.