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Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Review of Falling Skies 4.07- Saturday Night Massacre

Lexi emerges from the cocoon with a brand new attitude, Cochise brings the 2nd Mass some very bad news, Ben does something very expected, and Tector says "Tick, tick, boom!" for the last time.

This has to be one of the biggest body counts on this show.  Tector, Dr. Kadar, and Lourdes are all dead; Maggie is fighting for her life; and 70 members of the 2nd Mass were killed when a gas main exploded.  All in all, not a good thing.

Let's start with Lexi.  She emerged from her cocoon and is convinced that the humans will never be able to live in peace.  Apparently, the Espheni DNA is now ascendant because she is even more powerful than she was before.  She killed Lourdes by touching her face, froze everyone, controlled Pope's actions, and apparently activated Ben's spike and is controlling him.  So, was Tom right to spare her?  I would still argue that he was.  As I said last week, he would do the same for anyone else, so it is ridiculous to expect him to do any less for his own daughter.  I will admit that the Volm predicted that something like this could happen, but they only have experience with an full Espheni, so it was not a sure thing.

The biggest problem is that there is no satisfactory answer to the problem of Lexi.  She is something completely new and there is no real way to know exactly what she will do.  Could her human side reassert itself?  Sure, but then again it might not.  The other problem is that it is never morally right to kill someone because they may prove to be dangerous.  At the current point, I do think killing her is a viable alternative, but if she can be saved without endangering too many people, it should be tried.

Ben going after Lexi was too predictable.  I am surprised that no one seemed to realize that he might do it.  For the longest time, he has been trying to save and protect her in large part (I suspect) because he sees in her what he could have become.  I do wonder if Lexi has been playing with his mind at all.  Given that we don't know the extent of her powers and the fact that she can now outright control him, I would not be terribly surprised to discover that she has been influencing him to be more sympathetic to her.  Not that he really needed it, but a little nudge here or there could have had something to do with how adamant he has been about protecting her.

Hal is apparently still feeling guilt over what he did while under control of the Espheni last season.  Thank goodness Maggie was there to verbally bitchslap him, because he needed it.  He and Lourdes were never that close, although she did have a massive crush on him, so his reaction to her death was a bit extreme.  I am glad that he and Tom got the whole thing sorted out.

Anne's idea about using thermite on the Mechs and Skitters was a great idea.  The thermite decimated the first group to attack the city.  Unfortunately, their destruction seems to be what caused the gas rupture that killed so many people.  I do have to give the SFX team kudos for the gas explosion, that was really quite cool.  Totally grisly, but cool nonetheless.

I'm so gonna miss Tector.  But, if he had to go, I'm glad he went in a way he would have wanted, destroying Skitters and saving Tom.  Well sort of saving Tom.  Trapping Tom in the rubble of the building was probably not what Tector had in mind, but if Tom had been up there when the Overlord came in, things could have been a lot worse.  Not gonna miss Lourdes nearly as much.  And as for the idiots who insisted that if they were peaceful, the Mechs wouldn't kill them?  I am almost glad they're gone from the gene pool, because that was seriously up there on the stupidity scale.

So next week, we apparently have Tom captured by the Espheni and Maggie fighting for her life.  Fun times.

BTW, I have decided to quit watching Under the Dome, so don't look for any more reviews.