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Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Review of Falling Skies 4.09- Till Death Do Us Part

A relationship heavy episodes with fights all over the place, Ben teaching Maggie how to use her new abilities, and Cochise taking a group to find something to help unbury the Beamer....

Hafta feel for poor Matt.  He finds his friend from the camp and she turns on him.  That had to suck.  I find it very hard to fault him for untying her, particularly since he recognized it as a major mistake himself.  But given how well she and Matt had worked together, I can't blame him for believing her.  I do want to note that I did call this.  In my review of the 4th episode, I said "[u]nfortunately for Matt, I suspect that the next time we see her, she will be firmly under the Espheni's grip.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be wrong, but I don't see her successfully resisting without Matt there to provide support."  Not a hard call to make, granted, but I was still right.  Was Tom right when he labeled it puppy love?  Probably, but I also get why Matt rejected the label, which was likely because she is the first girl he's had feeling for.  Hell of a hard way to learn a lesson, but it was learned.  The problem is that the Espheni are playing with human emotions and sentiments, which can be a major weakness.  The only way to avoid that weakness is to become like them, which is think is worse that having the weakness in the first place.

Ha; and Ben also fought.  Here, again, I have trouble blaming either of them.  Ben has had feelings for Maggie for a long time, but he has resisted them so far because he doesn't want to hurt Hal.  Ben's explanation of the spikes and their effects was very illuminating.  If they do have a personality of their own and really do try and control the person they are placed in, Ben has to be fighting them constantly, which is really amazing.  And since Maggie's spikes were in Ben, it makes sense that she is attracted to him now.  Since the spikes enhance feelings as as well as physical, mental, and sensory attributes, she is feeling his feelings towards her which is influencing her.  This is so not going to be pretty, particularly with the look that Ben shot Hal after Hal told him to stay away from Maggie.

Speaking of Maggie, it was so much fun watching her learn her abilities.  After some initial trepidation, she embraced the new abilities wholeheartedly and had lots of fun with them.  Now she just needs to learn to separate her own feeling from the feeling that come through the connection she and Ben now share.  Speaking of that connection, is it possible that the two of them may be able to fight as one majorly coordinated unit since there is the link between them?

Watching Pope and Sara fight was interesting.  I cannot blame Pope for not trusting Sara.  She is an addict and we only have her word that the case she gave Pope was aspirin.  Even if it was checked, how do we know that she didn't switch it at some point?  While I do think that she was right when she said that he is afraid, I can't say I entirely believe or trust her.

Tom and Anne had an interesting week.  Anne is very upset that Tom doesn't want to go after Lexi, but; as he pointed out; he has to operate as more than just a parent.  Like last week when he said that he needs to always be hopeful, he made sure Anne understood that he has to do things differently. I would add this is doubly so since Lexi willingly went with the Espheni and forced Ben to accompany her after she caught him following her.  There is no way to force her to come back and the only way I can see her coming back willingly is if her bond with the Espheni is somehow broken.  Then again, she did let Ben go, so it is possible that a strong enough appeal could persuade her to eschew the Espheni.  And I have tot say that I honeslty thought that Tom and Anne were already married.  Was I wrong?  Or was this a recommitment ceremony?

Next week is the penultimate episode with the week after being a two-parter.  Until then!