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Monday, August 4, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.07- Weaponized

A sickness spreads through the school which hits anyone who is supernatural the hardest, Malia discovers something Scott and Stiles have been hiding from her, and Deaton returns....

All in all, this was a quiet episode.  There wasn't a lot of action, instead we got a whole lot of character moments and Mama McCall proved (again) just how useful she can be.  Unfortunately for some of our characters, not everything that happened was good.

One of our assassins this week was a chemist who used a variant on canine distemper to make everyone sick.  What this variant would do to werewolves, however was worse.  They lost control over their ability to shift as well as their sight and then they died.  The other assassin was a woman with two pistols.  She didn't last too long though.

Stiles once again proved just how useful he can be.  Because he is human, he could go out with everyone else when Scott, Malia, and Kira had to hide and investigate what was going on.  It was a good thing he did, because he was able to figure out that the assassin was the man giving the PSAT who infected everyone using the fingerprint ink pad.  And when captured, Stiles held himself together admirably well.  Getting splattered with the assassin's brain matter could not have been fun, but Stiles also managed to get information from Mr. McCall and get it to Scott in time to save him, Malia, and Kira.

Mrs. McCall also (again) proved her mettle.  When Deaton needed help with the illness, he went right to her because he knows she can be trusted.  She also remained cool enough under pressure to get all the necessary information in order to save the gang.  While Scott may not have had a choice about telling her what is going on, her knowing about it has saved the gang on more than one occasion.  She's smart, focused, and determined to do whatever she can to help out.

Sheriff Stilinski is still gamely hanging in there.  By his own admission, he doesn't quite get everything that is going on, but he knows enough to trust the gang when they bring him information.  Seeking help from Lydia was a good idea.  While she may not be in full control of her abilities, she can use them well enough to be a good conduit of useful information.

I am honestly not sure how to feel about the whole Malia situation.  She has more insight than I would have given her credit for.  She knew that Scott and Stiles were hiding something from her, she just never guessed that it would be that she is a Hale.  I don't know if she figured out that Peter is her father or not, but she is currently pretty well brassed off.  Was it a good idea to withhold the information?  Probably not.  Scott agreed because Stiles was insistent, but Scott definitely wanted to tell her.  I get that Stiles didn't want to freak her out or anything and, in a way, I agree with his reasons.  However, you know she was going to find out somehow and she is not taking it well.

So what should Scott and Stiles do with the money?  Granted, it does belong to Peter and Derek, but they also really need it.  I bet that Derek would let them borrow some in order to help them out, but I doubt that Peter would be as willing to.  And now that Malia knows she's a Hale, she may insist on getting the money back too.

Satomi is a badass.  Fortunately, she is still in control, but I liked it when she unleashed her rage on the assassin.  Those were some sweet moves and that stab to the neck was absolutely vicious.  She was also the key to saving everyone because it was through her and Derek talking that Deaton figured out how to save everyone.

Until next week!