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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.08- Time of Death

Scott and the gang carry out a completely insane plan in order to smoke out the Benefactor, Malia confronts Peter, Derek learns defense from Braeden, and Lydia discovers the possible identity if the Benefactor...

Out of all the plans the group has come up with over the years, this has to be one of the craziest.  Kira shocked Scott enough to put him into a coma that only an Alpha could survive in order to use his "death" to cause the Benefactor to come out of the shadows.  The biggest downside is that if Kira did not revive Scott within 45 minutes, Scott would die.  Yeah, this makes complete sense.  Weird thing is that despite the fact that the Benefactor did not come knocking, Scott may have figured out something about the Benefactor.  After all, who would be able to tell whether or not someone is dead without visual confirmation?  A banshee!  Whether or not Scott is correct remains to be seen, but it is an intriguing hypothesis which fits in nicely with something Lydia discovered.

When in the boathouse at her family's cabin, Lydia discovered that the urn which supposedly held her grandmother's ashes actually held mountain ash and that the entire boathouse was made out of mountain ash.  I find that interesting because both Scott and Liam have freely entered into the boathouse before.  We know that Scott can; with a great deal of effort; force his way through a mountain ash barrier, but so far he has been the only creature who has managed to do that, so there must be something about the cabin that is different.  Interestingly, Lydia's mom knew Meredith and Lydia's grandmother spent time in Eichen House because she heard voices.  So it would seem that Lydia's grandmother is/was a banshee.  Could she be the Benefactor?  If she is, why is Lydia on the kill list?  Alternatively, could the Benefactor be forcing Lydia's grandmother or another banshee to be working for him/her in order to tell when someone died?  And what does that code Lydia discovered say?

When he was hovering on the edge of death, Scott had some weird dreams.  They always started with him in the morgue and then pulling his way out into the hallway at school where Liam tosses his something (first a ball, then a tomahawk).  Liam was always attacked and killed by the Mute except for the last time, when Scott himself killed Liam with the tomahawk.  Is Scott truly that worried that he'll become a killer and monster (witness the fang portion of the one dream)?  He did break a promise to never turn someone, even if turning Liam was not intentional.  So maybe he's worried that as he matures, the wolf will increasingly take over and he'll become more and more wild.  I doubt that'll happen short of some major;y traumatic event, but that could also be holding him back from realizing his full potential.

Watching Malia confront Peter was interesting.  He has a thin file on her and claims to be looking for her mother, whom he calls the "Desert Fox".  Fortunately, she seems wary of Peter, even if she is talking with him.  I am also glad that she is talking with Stiles again.  I wouldn't blame her for being pissed at him still.  And how cute was Stiles' dream at the beginning of the episode?  Watching him try and find a comfortable position with Malia in bed was really funny, especially as she got progressively more annoyed with him.  And he got to be the big spoon for once!  :-)

Why were Peter and Kate so concerned about Scott possibly being dead?  Obviously they want him alive for their own reasons (which so cannot be a good thing!), but what are those reasons exactly?  I suspect that Peter wants to kill Scott in order to take his Alpha abilities, but I am not sure what Kate wants.  I do have to wonder if Chris could have actually pulled the trigger of the gun.  Somehow, I doubt it.

Watching Braden systematically take Derek apart until he realized that she could teach him was just fun.  He is so used to being very powerful that he now needs to learn how to defend himself while human.  And I think the two of them could be good for each other, assuming that they both survive this season.

I wonder if Melissa knew about Scott's plan.  Her hysterics would suggest that she didn't, but the fact that she pulled everything together so quickly leads me to suspect that she did.  I loved her conversation with Kira's mom about whether or not they were doing the right thing by letting the kids handle the situation.  And is Scott really going to bring his father in on what is going on?  An FBI agent could be an invaluable ally.

Speaking of Kira's mom, I really hope she is ok.  And I don't really get why Kira and Liam confronted the Berserker instead of running away.  Kira has fought them before, and while she did a decent job, they could still wipe the floor with either of them.

Until next week when (supposedly) the identity of the Benefactor will be revealed!