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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.11- A Promise to the Dead

Liam is having major issues, Deaton shows a new side to himself, Peter and Kate ratchet up their plans big time, and Scott gets in some major trouble....

Liam is having some serious PTSD or something.  He is seeing Berserkers all over the place and every time he sees one, he freezes up.  This is having the undesirable side effect of causing him to push Mason away rather than accept any help.  While I understand not cluing Mason into what is actually going on (Liam is still sorting this out himself), Liam does need Mason as a friend to help him stay balanced.  He is pushing everyone away and for any werewolf (particularly one with anger issues!) this cannot be a good thing.  Scott had Stiles to help him through the first few months, and while Liam has Scott, he isn't letting Scott help him.  Fortunately Brett is trying to help Liam, not the least by making sure Liam knows how rare and special Scott truly is.  Unfortunately, Scott's absence isn't helping Brett's case.

And Scott isn't absent by choice.  Being kidnapped by Kate and her Berserkers is not a good thing.  Scott actually did a pretty good job holding his own against Kate.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have anywhere near the amount of training she does nor does he let his wolf side take control the way she does with her cougar side.  He was also handicapped by the fact that the Berserker had Kira and he acted to preserve her.  Can I just say how annoyed I was by the fact that Kate and the Berserker interrupted a totally cute date?

Scott's conversations with his mom and Derek about the money went a whole lot better than I could have imagined.  Melissa was very understanding about why Scott kept the money, and let's face it, he did have some good points.  Unfortunately, the money was stolen and does need to be returned.  But as Derek pointed out, the money is Peter's which makes the return less urgent in Derek's eyes.  Fortunately, Stiles and his father no longer need the money since Eichen House decided to forgive their bills.

Who knew Deaton was such a badass?  He fought that wendigo with some serious skill.  The fact that Eichen House keeps a floor for supernatural creatures is seriously disturbing.  I have the awful feeling that we are going to revisit that floor at some point, quite possibly by having the various creatures escape.  And what exactly did Deaton see when he was in the comatose state and how exactly did Lydia wake him up?  I assume (given what she said) that she did her banshee scream or something.  And how exactly did she know where to find Deaton?  Is a comatose state close enough to death to trigger her banshee abilities?

Parrish apparently possesses normal human strength given the fact that he couldn't unbend the rebar Peter stuck in Chris.  But his eyes did glow an orangish color which would seem to indicate that he was doing something with whatever his supernatural abilities are.  I am going to guess that Parrish is a phoenix.  How that will play out in the Teen Wolf universe is up for anyone's guess.

Peter and Kate are definitely not playing out of the same book given that Kate kidnapped Scott and is turning him into a Berserker and the fact that Peter wants Malia to kill Kate.  These two are going to be each other's undoing unless they are very careful.  Both of them want power, but both of them cannot have it.  Kate is also trying to figure out how Scott could cause the downfall of the Argent's.  The problem is that she doesn't get that Scott did not cause their downfall, they did it themselves.  Allison and Chris chose to change the focus of the family's efforts to protect those who needed to be protected and this seems to have caused other hunter's to desert them.  And Kate herself played no small part in the downfall by her perversion of the hunter's code.  Same with Gerard.

How incredibly cute was it to watch Malia try and wake up Stiles?  I loved her ultimate method to just start making out with him.  That definitely got him to wake up.  :-)

Next week is the finale.  I think I saw that it was 75 minutes, so plan on that.  I expect that BerserkerScott will face off against Liam or Kira and that either Peter or Kate will kill the other one.  Until then!