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Monday, September 8, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 4.12- Smoke and Mirrors

We have a face-off that has been 4 years in the making, Derek has a surprise for us, and everyone gets involved in the battle....

Let's start with Derek.  He managed to morph into the full black wolf that seems to be indicative of the Alpha of the Hale pack.  Both his mother and sister were able to become full wolves, but Peter was not, which tells me that Scott was right when he said that Peter was never truly an Alpha.  Derek also managed to single handedly destroy a Berserker, which in and of itself indicates a fair amount of power.  Derek went to Mexico ready to sacrifice himself to save Scott. I wonder if that is what finally enabled him to manage the final transformation.

Scott spent most of the episode as a Berserker until Liam managed to break through to him by reminding Scott of what he told Liam when Liam was first turned: "You're not a monster,  You're a werewolf, like me!"  I can only assume that because Scott is a True Alpha, he was able to break the hold that the ceremony Kate performed (to transform him into a Berserker) had on him.  And Peter was right, Scott is incorruptible.  All season, Scott has been fighting with his animalistic side to maintain control and this week he showed that he could definitely do it when things were at their worst.  Could he have killed Peter?  Sure, but Scott will not kill.  Well, he won't kill unless a life depends on it and then he might be willing to save the life if he has no other option.  So far, he has not been put in that position, so if he would kill is merely speculative.

I was happy to see Liam get his wolf side under control.  While Derek's chant didn't work, the chant from Satomi that Stiles had him use did.  It worked so well that Liam was able to summon the claws at will.  And as Scott's Beta, he managed (as noted above) to get through to Scott so that Scott could break free from being a Berserker.  He has come far from where he started and has even improved over the past few episodes seeing how he managed to stand and fight BerserkerScott when he has spent the last few episodes petrified of the Berserkers.

Kira managed to get her first tail and figured out how to trigger her healing abilities.  I am not sure where that sword came from (don't think it's a tail!), but I was glad she had it so that she could save Scott from Malia and Liam.  She needs to work on continuing to control her abilities, but she is doing a decent job with just that sword so far.

Poor Mason got a serious case of being thrown in the deep end of the pool.  He has known that something weird is going on with Liam, but now he has seen a Berserker and I suspect that he will be skirting the periphery of Scott's pack next season.  While he may become the second human in Scott's pack, I would be a little surprised.  I was impressed that he was willing to attack that Berserker with a baseball bat.  That took some serious guts for someone who is brand new to the whole supernatural thing.

Lydia also gets kudos.  I do get keeping her away from Mexico in order to prevent her from realizing that Scott was the Berserker.  While I was impressed that she was willing to attack the Berserker, I was less so than with Mason because Lydia has been dealing with the supernatural for a while now.  And here's looking forward to her and Parrish working together to find out what the hell he is.  I still say phoenix, but nothing is sure yet.

Stiles is rapidly becoming the wise man in the group.  Along with Scott, he seems to be acting as the balance for everyone.  He got Liam to get control of the wolf, working with Kira he managed to stop Scott from being killed, he is helping Malia look for her mother (who was apparently being hunted by Braeden), and he helps plan things.  He just needs to get through to his dad that he does know what he's doing, not that I expect the Sheriff to worry any less or anything.

When Peter is scared of someone, it is bad.  I am glad that Peter is locked up now (even if it means we'll see less of him) because he is very, very dangerous.  He isn't going to get out of Eichen House anytime soon, so the pack is safe for now.  Unfortunately, Kate is still out there blaming Scott and his pack for Alison's death, so that is not good.

I believe that Teen Wolf is coming back in January or February for the first part of Season 5, and I will (of course) be back with my reviews then.  I'll be on break until the beginning of October when TVD and The Originals come back.  I will also be reviewing Arrow and The Flash for, so I hope you'll read those there.  I may write something in the next week or two with some thoughts about what I hope for in Season 5, but that will depend on how much time I have and if I have enough to say.

So, I 'll see you when I see you!