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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.10- Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire

Finn strikes out on his own and comes close to creating a metaphorical explosion, Klaus finds out what Kol has done, Cami is brought into the Hope loop, Rebekah makes a discovery more shocking than she knows, and Hayley is all over the place…

I am beginning to suspect that Finn on his lonesome is going to be more dangerous than when he was teamed up with Esther. He is so fanatical about killing vampires that he managed to place both Esther and Mikael out of commission while using their power to augment his own. On top of that, he also sealed the vampires and wolves up in Klaus’ house just to see what would happen. That is one twisted person. I know that the Mikaelsons are a seriously dysfunctional family, but Finn is taking it to extremes.

Not that Klaus is too terribly much better. While I can’t blame him for being pissed that Kol placed Rebekah in a different body, he has (as Kol pointed out) done worse to his family. The problem with Kol is that he never seems to have figured out what Elijah has, namely that Klaus craves a family and is overly sensitive to any perceived slights or betrayals. Kol is just too damn impulsive for his own good. Klaus barely trusts him because every time Klaus does, Kol does something stupid to make Klaus regret it.

Rebekah unwittingly discovered the body(?) of her eldest sister, Freya. I so want to know how exactly Freya ended up in that house. Also, is she still alive and in stasis of some sort, or is she actually dead. I am willing to bet that she is in a magically induced slumber of some sort. When Rebekah gets out and gets her hands on Kol, he is so going to regret what he did. Placing his sister in a magical prison is not going to endear him to anybody.

I am glad that Klaus brought Cami into the Hope loop. She really needed to know that Hope is still alive. She is also present to help Elijah, who desperately needs the help himself. His goal has always been to protect his family and he is now in a position where he can’t do anything because of what Esther did to him. He seemed to get a little bit better tonight, but he still has a distance to go, especially now that Hayley is going to marry Jackson.

Speaking of Hayley, she did the right thing when she told Jackson that she slept with Elijah. Jackson was surprisingly cool about the whole thing. I think he gets that he is never going to really have her love. Rather, their marriage is more in the nature of a political alliance to free the wolves from the grip of the witches. While he does truly care about Hayley, her heart and mind are all over the place. She obviously has deep feelings for Elijah while she has Hope with Klaus, who was also surprisingly cool about her and Elijah. Then again, I don’t think that Klaus has ever truly cared too much for Hayley except for the fact that she is the mother of his child.

Watching the wolves and vampires being forced to stay together was akin to watching a train wreck in *EXTREMELY* slow motion. Finn’s spell to magnify the vampires’ hunger was a particularly cruel twist, particularly for Josh and Aiden. The two of them have enough against them without Josh being forced to have a serious hankering for Aiden’s blood, and I don’t mean in a sexy way. If those two can actually manage to make their relationship work, I will be quite happy. Josh was totally adorable when he realized that he called Aiden his boyfriend only to have Finn’s spell hit him almost immediately after that declaration. Yet another reason to despise Finn.

Until next week!