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Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 6.15- Let Her Go

Tonight, everyone deals with Sheriff Forbes' death, Damon has flashbacks to his mother's funeral, Kai visits Jo for some help, Bonnie has everything she needs to get back, Caroline has a not unexpected reaction to her mother's death, and Bonnie has an encounter that rattles Damon....

First, let's deal with Caroline.  Although she seems to be her normal self, she is heading down the route I predicted last week.  By the end of the hour, she had turned off her emotions and snapped Elena's neck in order to get away.   Wish I could say I was surprised, but I so was not.  Between losing her mom and Stefan basically telling her that the kiss was a mistake, she just couldn't deal with anything.  Stefan, the master of bad timing that he is, was too late to stop her.  Sigh.  Caroline has always been a control freak and this is something that she cannot control and cannot deal with.  If someone like that has not emotions and no control and the results could be...interesting.

Aside from Caroline, I think Damon had the worst day.  Sheriff Forbes has been a friend of his since the first season, despite everything that he has done.  I honestly think that she is one of the two humans that he actually respects (the other being Alaric).  Add to that the fact that he kept having bad memories of the time he refused to give the eulogy in his mother's funeral and you can see why this was so hard for him.  Before I go any further, I have to express some annoyance that despite having a young actor play Stefan in the flashbacks, Ian still played Damon.  Sorry, but Damon is not so much older than Stefan to justify that decision.  Totally ruined a wonderful scene because I could only think about this.  I did love Damon's eulogy.  It was perfect and so beautiful and such a wonderful tribute.  His advice to Stefan and comments to Caroline were not as good.  I think that his comments were part of what pushed Caroline to turn off her emotions and his advice to Stefan (which Stefan followed) definitely helped push her.

Well, Kai is now in possession of Jo's magic after showing up at her door magically sick.  Turns out that merging with the wrong sibling was making him sick.  I would assume it is akin to a body rejecting an organ that has been donated.  So now Jo is powerless, but pregnant and engaged to Alaric.  Hope that works out for those crazy kids.  And since Kai is still alive, the prison worlds (yes, plural!) still exist, minus one Bennett witch.

Yes, you read that right, Bonnie is officially back, much to Damon's delight.  I loved their reunion.  Damon's face lit up with unalloyed joy when he saw her.  After everything she went through, it will be nice to get her back.  Who knows, she may even be able to pound some sense into Caroline's head before she does too much damage.  I am wondering how the Aurora Borealis, which is not exactly an uncommon occurrence, was enough to let her come back home, but I won't quibble.  I was very surprised to discover that the occupant of the other prison world was Stefan and Damon's mother!

I was happy that Matt refused to allow Tyler into the funeral while drunk and interested to see him want to become a police officer.  Think it'll be a good fit for him.  It was also nice to see Elena be a buttress of support for both Damon and Caroline.  Too bad she couldn't stop Caroline from becoming emotionless.

Until the next new episode!

Monday, February 16, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.14- I love You, Goodbye

We have a wedding, a death, a resurrection, plotting, scheming, breakups, and makeups.  In other words, a typical day in the New Orleans of The Originals.

Hayley and Jackson are officially married and the wolves of New Orleans who are in their packs now are stronger and able to change at will.  Given the threat that Dahlia poses, I am not sure they will be as much help as Klaus hopes, but I guess anything is better than nothing.  Unfortunately for all involved, this wedding has implications and effects far beyond the newly wedded couple.

Josh and Aiden are coming to grips with what this all means.  Aiden sort of broke up with Josh because he didn't want to have Josh get hurt, but (fortunately) Jackson talked him out of it.  Watching Aiden go and sit next to Josh at the wedding and take his hand was totally sweet.  It was a very small gesture, but one that was fraught with meaning.  As I've said before, these two are truly a Romeo and Juliet type couple, hopefully without the double suicide.

The wedding also has massive implications for both Elijah and Klaus.  Elijah obviously wants to be with Hayley himself, but he is noble enough to let her have what she wants.  Well, either that or he is a martyr.  The thing about Elijah is that he is always looking out for the good of others.  Klaus, on the other hand, is more worried about making sure that Hope is protected regardless of the consequences to others.  In Klaus' view, Jackson is now disposable.  Since he was really only needed in order to make sure that the wolves got the power that they needed to protect his daughter, he is now superfluous and can be disposed of whenever Klaus wants to.

The problem with this, as Elijah noted, is that if Jackson is killed, it it entirely possible that the wolves would fall apart and then the protection that Klaus is looking for would evaporate.  This is, I think, the crucial difference between how Elijah and Klaus view the world and others.  Elijah sees others as people whereas Klaus sees them only as things that will help him fulfill his desires or needs.  Once they have done what he needs, they can be discarded.  His family seems to be the only people that he does not view in this same way.  They seem to be viewed based on whether or not they'll help him.  If they will, they stay awake, if not, they are daggered.  Sort of the same thing, I guess, but not quite.

I am going to miss Kol.  He might be something of an impulsive idiot, but he is lots of fun to have around.  Fortunately, he has an escape hatch in the form of being a witch.  As Rebekah noted, if they consecrate him, he will join the Ancestors and can be brought back later.  I so hope that they bring him back before too long, if only for Davina who has precious little that has gone right in her life.  And I am glad that, when he died, he had his family around him like he wanted.

Freya brought Finn back to life using the pendant she gave him.  I am still trying to figure her out.  She is clearly terrified of Dahlia which makes me think that she can be a useful ally for Klaus and Elijah, but she is also working with Finn who is trying to kill his siblings.  She clearly needs the help of her siblings to protect both herself and Hope from Dahlia, but I wonder if she might try and cut a deal with Dahlia where she gives Dahlia Hope in exchange for her own freedom.  There is also the question of whether or not Finn will work with Klaus and Elijah against Dahlia or if he'll maintain his vendetta against them as vampires.  Yeah, messy.

Until March 9th!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 6.14- Stay

Caroline deals with her mother’s impending death with Stefan’s help, Sheriff Forbes asks for Damon’s help with some unsolved cases, Elena tries to ensure Jeremy’s future away from Mystic Falls, and Enzo continues to be himself.

I found it highly amusing that so many of Mystic Falls' unsolved murders were Damon’s fault and that he freely admitted it to Sheriff Forbes.  She also seemed somewhat amused.  So when she broke out the file about the death of Elena and Jeremy’s parents, I can’t say I was surprised that she suspected foul play given that this is Mystic Falls.  When it turned out to be nothing more than an accident, she was truly shocked.  After all, as I said before, this is Mystic Falls and a genuine accident or death by old age is about as rare as a virgin riding a unicorn.

I think that is one of the things that made her death so heartbreaking.  Like Joyce Summers’ death on Buffy, you had a perfectly natural death in a city that has mystic or supernatural deaths on a daily basis.  So to have something as mundane as cancer kill someone is almost incomprehensible.

I am seriously worried about Caroline over the next several episodes.  She wasn’t with her mom before she ended up in the hospital, so you know she is going to beat herself up over that.  Given the vampiric ability to turn off emotions, I am half afraid she is going to turn hers off to avoid dealing with them and we will end up with a situation similar to Elena after Silas killed Jeremy in season 4.  I’m not sure what Caroline would do in that sort of situation, but I am sure I do not want to find out.

I am glad that Damon was with the Sheriff when she slipped into unconsciousness.  I actually half expected her to collapse in her office after Damon left her to get the car, so I was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t.  Damon obviously cares for her deeply and did everything he could to help her out.  I am a little worried about how he will react to her death, but I am hoping that he will be able to hold it together, because if both he and Caroline lose it at the same time, this is going to get awfully messy.

I am glad that Jeremy decided to be a hunter.  I don’t think he would be able to settle into a “normal” life after his experiences in Mystic Falls.  He knows too much about what goes bump in the night to be able to truly live a normal life.  I did find it extremely amusing that Elena and Damon compelled his way to an early graduation and into the art school.  It’s about time this show dealt with the fact that the gang’s school attendance has been, at best, spotty.  When Elena discovers that Jeremy is hunting and that Alaric knew about it, fireworks will occur.  I so want to see that.  I was also highly amused by the scene where Jeremy and Elena shared a joint and she got the munchies.

Steroline is apparently on.  They kissed, but I don’t know if she’ll be in a place to be in a relationship after just losing her mother.  I am half wondering if she is going to somehow blame Stefan for keeping her away from her mother.  Granted, that is irrational, but no one is particularly rational after losing a parent, particularly a control freak like Caroline.

Enzo continues his mission to get revenge, threatened Jeremy, hit Matt with a car, and then revealed his vampirism to Sarah.  ‘Nuff said.

Until next week!

Monday, February 9, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.13- The Devil is Damned

Klaus and Kol have a confrontation with a surprising result, Finn draws ever closer to Hope, Hayley gains more followers as she and Jackson draw closer to the wedding, Freya has more in common with her family than realized, and Cami finds out something disturbing about Hope…

Turns out Freya was in that attic because she has been on the run from Dahlia.  She was cursed to spend a century in the coffin in sleep and then awaken for a single year before being forced to go back into the coffin.  Or so she says.  Given the way she was handling that pendant when she was talking to Finn, I suspect that she is either (a) working with Dahlia or (b) Dahlia in Freya’s body.  The only reason I am not sure if she is Dahlia is that she knew things about what Freya and Finn did.  While Dahlia could have learned this either through magic or from Freya, it could indicate that this is actually Freya.

I have to admit to being very surprised at the conclusion to the confrontation between Kol and Klaus.  Klaus has seriously grown if he is willing to start trusting Kol, who is arguably the most mercurial of the Originals (Klaus and Rebekah are the other two contenders).  Given that this is what Kol has always craved, it was the perfect thing for Klaus to do.  While it may be a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, I suspect that this may be an actual rapprochement, especially given the fact that Klaus gave Kol the White Oak Stake that could be used to kill him.

Speaking of the stake, that was some seriously powerful and incredibly ballsy magic that Kol and Rebekah were working.  Using the link that Finn used to draw on his parents to overload him was very dangerous.  If Kol turned to be wrong, there would have been a seriously powerful Finn with a massive grudge against everyone else.  And that was a further demonstration of how much Klaus trusts Kol.  Knowing how badly it could have gone wrong or (possibly) that Kol was actually working with Finn and still giving that much dark magic (and himself!) to Kol was equally ballsy on Klaus’ part.

So Hayley is the Alpha of a massive pack spanning several states now?  Or are she and Jackson co-Alphas?  I’m still not quite sure how this is working.  That had to be seven or eight Alphas all relinquishing their positions to Hayley.  And she showed why they can trust her.  Being both an Alpha and a hybrid, she seems to be quite powerful.  She took down most of those vampires herself only killing one that we saw.  That was impressive.

While Elijah’s spur of the moment “bomb” was quite impressive, something about it really bothers me.  I thought that the Originals were entirely immune to the sun by virtue of being Originals.  If that is the case, then Elijah should not have burst into flame in the house and there would have been no explosion.  While I liked the way he took down the gloating Finn, it seems like their screwing with continuity for the sake of a plot point, which I find quite annoying.  Speaking of the bomb, we know that Elijah survives, but does Finn?  I assume he can body hop, but still not clear on how much time is actually needed to prepare for the hop.

So did Hope actually stop the car to save herself and Cami from the explosion?  If so, that is very confusing.  I assumed that she is a super hybrid, but if she did stop the car that indicates that she can use magic, which would mean that she is not a hybrid because witches can’t be vampires.  Of course, it is possible that all of the old rules fly out the window where she is concerned…

Until next week!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 6.13- The Day I Tried to Live

Liv is out for Kai’s blood; Bonnie is ready to give up while Damon, Elena, and Jeremy rush to stop her; Enzo continues his quest to get revenge on the Salvatores through Sarah; and Caroline continues to deal with her grief over her mother’s illness.

As much as I disliked Luke, I have to admit that I admire what he did last week by sacrificing himself to protect Jo and Liv.  So what does Liv do this week?  She completely dishonors his memory and his sacrifice by convincing herself (with some help from Tyler) that Kai is totally to blame for what happened to Luke.  I know that sacrificing himself was not his intent, it is what he did and he needs to be honored for that.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand why Liv is upset and wants to kill Kai, but she is still dishonoring her brother.  And Tyler was (for once) right when he said that she was choosing death over him.  She is not powerful enough to confront Kai on her own, and if he had not already been drained by helping with Bonnie, he could have wiped the floor with her.

Watching Kai experience a conscience for the first time was truly giggleworthy.  He has been so used to being a sociopath (his word) that experiencing remorse for what he did was totally new for him.  When he was describing to Elena and Damon the first time he has felt tears, I busted a gut laughing, mainly because of the incredulous looks on Elena’s and Damon’s faces.  This merge appears to have been a good thing for Kai.  He gained the ability to use magic and a conscience, while still retaining the wry humor that he has always had.  I do wonder if he is still a magic leech or not.  That would be very interesting if he is.

Can anyone blame Bonnie for being willing to throw in the towel?  She is completely on her own in this version of hell and has been for some time.  I’m glad that she’s going to come back, but I have to wonder how this time alone will affect her.  And how will she react when she learns that Kai was the reason that Jeremy was able to help her?  This should be fun.

And Caroline is once again the Queen of Misplaced Emotions.  I am glad that she didn’t go the whole “turn off my emotions” route, but she really has to learn to deal with things directly.  It was fun to watch her obsess over the bear she stole from Bonnie and to watch her take her anger out on Stefan.  She needed the release and he gets to keep the promise he made to Sheriff Forbes.

Delena is officially back on and in full swing.  Although, to be honest, I thought they were on after the whole hospital kiss, but apparently I was wrong.  I’m glad that she has, without the sire bond or anything else, picked a brother to be with.  She and they both deserved that.

While I am gonna miss Jeremy, I am glad that he is going to get out of Mystic Falls.  He has had so much stuff happen to him that he deserves the chance to be happy away from the insanity that his life has been.  And apparently, unlike when he went to Colorado, this one is going to stick.  I am going to miss him and really wish the series had made better use of him.

Enzo continues to be the jackass of the week.  He initially claimed that he is revealing Sarah because Stefan shouldn’t have hidden it from Damon, but he revealed his real reason to Matt during their last scene.  I wish he would stop trying to make himself look like he is doing this for anything remotely approaching a noble reason.  He isn’t.  He’s just out for revenge.  Period.

Until next week!

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.11- Sanctuary

Hayley persuades Klaus to let her share a secret with Jackson, Rebekah meets someone who is more than a little frightening, Finn continues his quest to uncover the secret Klaus is keeping, and Kol gets more than he bargained for when he helps Davina.

Rebekah is free of the prison Kol put her in thanks to her sister Freya, who is seriously powerful and wants a family reunion.  I have the feeling that this reunion is going to turn unpleasant very quickly.  Freya seems to have a thing against people who mistreat their friends considering how quickly she took apart Cassie and the other witches in the house.  Add to that the fact that she was then able to get out of the house so quickly and it adds up to someone who is not to be trifled with.  She so wants to meet her younger siblings and I shudder to think what will happen when she meets them.  This family is unstable under the best of conditions, and the current condition are far from the best,  Unless I am reading Freya completely wrong, she is more than slightly insane and that is not good.

As bad, if not worse, is the fact that Finn has figured out that Hope is still alive.  Using some slightly impressive deductive skills, he was able to figure out that the only thing that Klaus and Elijah would go so far to protect is Hope.  I just wonder if he’ll be able to find her or if he will be foiled somehow.  My biggest worry is that he will somehow team up with Freya.  Then again, I have to wonder if she would side with him against their siblings or not.

Hayley has persuaded Klaus to trust Jackson with the secret about Hope, for now.  I don’t know how long this will last given what Klaus was saying to Elijah.  Klaus seems to see Jackson as a means to an end.  He plans to use Jackson to make the wolves powerful enough to protect Hope and then I think he plans to get rid of Jackson.  I don’t think he’s doing this out of any sense of love for Hayley, but because he will go to extraordinary lengths to protect Hope.  He’d better hope that the wolves are strong enough to hold Finn off, because if Finn manages to get his hands on Hope, it will not be pretty.

Poor Kol.  He does something good and gets a serious curse in the process.  I so hope they don’t kill him off because he really is one of my favorite of the Originals, for much the same reason I love Kai.  Elijah is honorable and awesome for that reason, but Kol has an unpredictability that makes him so much fun to watch.  He is most definitely not the smartest of the Originals, but he is lots and lots of fun.  Now Finn has cursed him to remain in the body of Kaleb with only a few days to live.  It is possible that someone more powerful might be able to lift the curse, but I am not sure that anyone other than possibly Freya or Davina is more powerful, and I don’t think that Davina is more powerful since Finn is channeling the power of both Mikael and Esther.  Maybe if Freya and Davina pooled their power?

Until next week!