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Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 6.13- The Day I Tried to Live

Liv is out for Kai’s blood; Bonnie is ready to give up while Damon, Elena, and Jeremy rush to stop her; Enzo continues his quest to get revenge on the Salvatores through Sarah; and Caroline continues to deal with her grief over her mother’s illness.

As much as I disliked Luke, I have to admit that I admire what he did last week by sacrificing himself to protect Jo and Liv.  So what does Liv do this week?  She completely dishonors his memory and his sacrifice by convincing herself (with some help from Tyler) that Kai is totally to blame for what happened to Luke.  I know that sacrificing himself was not his intent, it is what he did and he needs to be honored for that.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand why Liv is upset and wants to kill Kai, but she is still dishonoring her brother.  And Tyler was (for once) right when he said that she was choosing death over him.  She is not powerful enough to confront Kai on her own, and if he had not already been drained by helping with Bonnie, he could have wiped the floor with her.

Watching Kai experience a conscience for the first time was truly giggleworthy.  He has been so used to being a sociopath (his word) that experiencing remorse for what he did was totally new for him.  When he was describing to Elena and Damon the first time he has felt tears, I busted a gut laughing, mainly because of the incredulous looks on Elena’s and Damon’s faces.  This merge appears to have been a good thing for Kai.  He gained the ability to use magic and a conscience, while still retaining the wry humor that he has always had.  I do wonder if he is still a magic leech or not.  That would be very interesting if he is.

Can anyone blame Bonnie for being willing to throw in the towel?  She is completely on her own in this version of hell and has been for some time.  I’m glad that she’s going to come back, but I have to wonder how this time alone will affect her.  And how will she react when she learns that Kai was the reason that Jeremy was able to help her?  This should be fun.

And Caroline is once again the Queen of Misplaced Emotions.  I am glad that she didn’t go the whole “turn off my emotions” route, but she really has to learn to deal with things directly.  It was fun to watch her obsess over the bear she stole from Bonnie and to watch her take her anger out on Stefan.  She needed the release and he gets to keep the promise he made to Sheriff Forbes.

Delena is officially back on and in full swing.  Although, to be honest, I thought they were on after the whole hospital kiss, but apparently I was wrong.  I’m glad that she has, without the sire bond or anything else, picked a brother to be with.  She and they both deserved that.

While I am gonna miss Jeremy, I am glad that he is going to get out of Mystic Falls.  He has had so much stuff happen to him that he deserves the chance to be happy away from the insanity that his life has been.  And apparently, unlike when he went to Colorado, this one is going to stick.  I am going to miss him and really wish the series had made better use of him.

Enzo continues to be the jackass of the week.  He initially claimed that he is revealing Sarah because Stefan shouldn’t have hidden it from Damon, but he revealed his real reason to Matt during their last scene.  I wish he would stop trying to make himself look like he is doing this for anything remotely approaching a noble reason.  He isn’t.  He’s just out for revenge.  Period.

Until next week!