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Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 6.20- I'd Leave My Happy Home For You

Elena and Damon talk about their future, Lily continues her Ripper ways, Jo and Alaric get parties thrown for them, Matt wallows, and someone returns in the last few seconds....

Well, Elena has taken the cure.  Honestly, I figured that she would take it in the season finale, but I guess taking it now makes a certain amount of sense.  Now they have the next couple of episodes torturing us about whether or not Damon will drink her blood to be cured.  Honestly, I am glad that she is forcing him to stop and think about it.  Damon's impulsivity is one of his defining traits as is his complete and utter fear of being alone or left behind.  Now that Elena is human, he had no way of knowing for sure that she wouldn't leave, so he decided that he had to take the cure.  By making him take the time to actually think about it (rather than just do it reflexively), Elena is doing the right thing.  Can he make it as a human?  Somehow I doubt it.  He enjoys being a vampire too much to just give it up, although Elena would be the one reason he would probably be able to give humanity a go.

I have to say that I loved the opening.  Knowing that this week was going to be the bachelor/bachelorette parties, it was pretty obvious that Alaric was in no danger and that the "cop" was really a stripper.  The look on Jo's face when she realized what was going on was truly priceless.  She was so embarrassed at first, but then just got into it.  And Alaric just had a look of resignation on his face that was equally priceless.  He was obviously accepting that the party was going to take place, but he wasn't terribly enthusiastic about the whole thing.  I wonder who thought it would be a great idea to have a ton of co-eds at the bachelor party.

Matt was a big downer.  All he did was drink and mope about how horrible his life is.  I get that he is not happy about the direction his life is headed at the moment, but trying to provoke Tyler into a fight and then trying to talk Alaric into leaving was just downright depressing.  If I thought he was actually trying to help Tyler, than I could have accepted his attempted provocation.  But it was so much more about his lashing out at what was going on in his life than helping Tyler.

Then there is Enzo.  Telling Stefan about Damon's having the cure was completely predictable.  All he does is try and hurt Stefan and Damon.  He can wrap himself in the rhetoric of truthfulness all he wants, all he is trying to do is cause drama.  Yawn.

I was enjoying watching Lily.  She has been trying so hard to stay on the straight and narrow, but her sons haven't exactly helped her.  Ironically enough, Damon had planned on actually helping her until Jo told him about the Heretics.  Now that Lily is being a Ripper again and going after Elena, the Salvatore finally took steps and imprisoned her.  Watching her threaten Stefan at the end was interesting, especially when we saw that Kai apparently has discovered a new way back to our world.  I do wonder how exactly he plans on getting back without an Ascendant or Bennet blood.  It is possible that as the leader of the Gemini Coven, he could have the power to cross between worlds on his own.  If he does, I will love the next couple of episode because Kai is an awesome villain.

Jo has twins in the oven.  That cannot be a good thing.  Between Kai coming back, Lily on the loose, and her Coven looking to displace Kai, her kids are in for a rough time.  Will she and Alaric run?  In a way, I hope so, but somehow I don't see it happening.

Next week, I will be gone on vacation, so my review will be out on Sunday or Monday.  Until then!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.20- City Beneath the Sea

Dahlia makes a proposal that Klaus is hard pressed to reject; Elijah, Davina, Cami, and Rebekah continue to make preparations to protect Hope; Hayley, Jackson, Josh, and the pack lay Aiden to rest; and Vincent gets a few offers.

Daggering Klaus was not one of the brightest moves his siblings ever made and it is seriously going to come back to bite them on the butt, particularly since he has now been approached by Dahlia.  Her move was nothing short of inspired.  Given Klaus' understandable rage at what his siblings did, approaching him and offering to protect his daughter was the only way that Dahlia had a chance with him.  Klaus has never cared about the pack and has only cared about Hayley in and so far as she can protect his daughter.  If Dahlia is telling the truth and she can truly protect Hope, then Klaus will definitely side with her in order to protect Hope.

Seeing Dahlia's past was definitely interesting.  I do wonder if she was showing Klaus the truth.  On the one hand, what Esther did makes a certain amount of sense and was in character.  One the other, everything Dahlia showed Klaus was extremely self-serving, so I do not know if it can be trusted.  But if it can be trusted, then Esther treated Dahlia like his sibling have treated Klaus: as someone to be afraid of.  When Esther chose Mikael over Dahlia, that was obviously something that did not sit well with Dahlia.  And who can blame her?  After all, the Vikings murdered her village and used her as a slave, and then her sister, who promised to stay with her "always and forever" went and fell in love with one of them.  Yeah, that was guaranteed to go over well with Dahlia.  Small wonder that she turned on Esther.

I am still not sure that running with Hope is Hayley's best option.  Also, I do not like the fact that she is making unilateral decisions for Hope and ignoring the Mikaelsons.  Whether or not she likes it, the Mikaelsons are Hope's family too.  Taking her away from them is more than unfair to them and not a decision she should be making, even if she is Hope's mother.  For Jackson to make the demand that she choose him or the Mikaelsons was just wrong.  I get that he wants to protect Hayley, but to force her to choose between her daughter's family and the pack is not a good thing.  Sorry, but I have never liked people who try and force people to choose between them and someone else, particularly when the someone else is family.

Watching Vincent work with Davina, Rebekah, Cami, and Marcel was interesting.  He is very powerful, but he really wants to get way from magic, not that I blame him.  He has had a very hard time with magic recently, so getting away from it makes sense.  Only problem is that the covens seem to want him as their representative and Marcel keeps asking him for help.  And Davina is working hard to resurrect Kol.  I'm not sure if she'll be able to do it, but I do hope she can.

Watching the pack threaten Elijah and Elijah's reaction was totally hilarious.  Elijah was so dismissive of them, and rightfully so.  His plan to use Freya in place of Hope was a good plan.  Don't think Freya will be too happy with the plan though, particularly since Freya is now the bait for Dahlia.  I like the plan, but Freya is going to be pissed.

Until next week!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 6.19- Believe

Stefan works to restore Caroline's humanity, Damon struggles with conflicting demands from his mother and Bonnie, and Enzo confronts Lily about leaving him....

Stefan's plan to restore Caroline's humanity was not a half bad plan.  Starve her and then use vampire mind powers to show her a memory from the end of her mother's life.  I was a little surprised that she didn't see through him earlier, because he was being kind of obvious about everything.  Either she was too blinded by what she wanted (i.e. him) or she wanted him to be like her.  Maybe it was both.  Either way, he did manage to get her to turn her humanity back on with that memory of her mother.  I wonder what exactly that letter said.  I am surprised that none of them read the letter first and maybe make a copy.  Given Caroline's desire to keep her humanity turned off, destroying the letter was a fairly obvious move on her part.  Having a copy around as back up would have been a very logical and obvious option.

Damon has had an interesting few weeks.  When he was with Bonnie, he could focus exclusively on her, but now he has to worry about Elena and his mother.  I do wish Bonnie would keep that in mind.  Damon obviously cares about her, but he cares about Elena even more and Bonnie knows that.  The way she's acting, you'd think that she has feelings for him and is hurt by the fact that he is putting Elena first.  Everything he has done in the past few years has been to help Elena and get her what she wants.  I understand that Bonnie finally wants to put herself first; and I think it's a good thing; but she does need to keep in mind that where Damon is concerned, Elena will always come first.  I was *VERY* surprised when he offered to take the cure with her so that they would both become human.  I get that he wants to be with her, but I wonder how he'll be as a human.

Watching Enzo with Lily was sort of interesting.  He has been living his unlife feeling betrayed by his creator, but now she's back and he knows the truth about where she was.  I do wonder if he was including himself when he told her that she had family in Mystic Falls and didn't need to have the Heretics as her family or if he was just talking about Stefan and Damon.  He feels like he's been betrayed and sees the same thing in Lily.  Then you have the fact that she went all Ripper on that motorist.  That was not a good thing.  I wonder how often she'll lose control that way.

The rest of the episode was small snippets of Alaric and Jo planning their wedding, and Matt dealing with what happened to him last week.

I wanted to spend the rest of this review talking about my hope for the remainder of the season and next season.  There are only three episodes left in the season and then Elena leaves and I think it's a good time to talk about it.  First off, I have to say that I have been more than a little disappointed in this season, as you can probably tell from the decreasing length of my reviews.  Frankly, it is getting harder and harder for me to have enough interest in the show to write a decent review.  Having Kai around helped the show *A LOT*.  He was a fun and interesting villain who they got rid of way too quickly.  They need to come up with a new and interesting villain for the next season.  They also need to figure out how to use some of the characters a lot more successfully.  For years, Matt, Bonnie, and (when he was on the show) Jeremy have been used as plot devices more than anything else.  They are all good actors and the characters have been ill served by the endless romantic triangles involving Elena and the Salvatores.  Honestly, I think that the next season should be the last season and they should try to end on a high note.  With Elena and Tyler both gone, they should concentrate on having a strong Big Bad and doing some serious development for Bonnie.

Until Thursday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.19- When the Levee Breaks

Dahlia pushes everyone to their breaking point as she tries to acquire Hope, Klaus makes a miscalculation regarding his siblings, Hayley and Jackson make a decision, Aiden makes a choice, and Freya makes an ultimatum.

Like her or not, Dahlia is very smart.  She knows the Mikaelsons well enough to know that it won't take much to turn them against Klaus.  And, to be honest, it's not as if Klaus hasn't helped the process along.  He knows that he is not universally loved, but he seems to think that he is feared enough that people will not move against him.  And there, he could not be more wrong.  Granted, the wolves are not exactly much of a threat to him and there is no weapon (out of his control) that can kill him but he neglected to consider that there are weapons that can incapacitate him and that his own family could be compelled to turn against him in order to protect Hope.

Klaus' error lies not in his methods of maintaining control, but in his assessment of his siblings.  While Elijah and Rebekah are willing to go to great lengths to protect him and excuse what he has done, there are things (such as Hope) that can make them turn against him.  When she killed Aiden, Dahlia found one thing that would work.  Neither Rebekah nor Elijah has ever been as willing to turn to violence as Klaus has and they are also not quite as prone to terror.  In fact, Klaus' use of both of these is what has cause both of them to turn on him at some point or another.  Klaus' other error lay in the fact that he accepted the blame.  Granted, it was meant to show strength, but it was a bad decision.  However, is he said that he hadn't done it, I doubt that he would have been believed, so there you go.

Are Hayley and Jackson doing the right thing by running?  I doubt it.  Sorry, but given how easily Dahlia has managed to pick apart the wolves so far, I don't see them having a chance against her.  Even if that bracelet that Davina gave Hayley works, I have no doubt that Dahlia could find a way to track them if she truly wanted to.  The problem is that they, rightfully, don't trust Klaus' intentions.  What they don't seem to get is that Klaus can be very dangerous when he chooses to be and that he is determined to do everything in his power to protect his daughter from Dahlia.

Cami is the only person who knows the truth and I have to wonder what she'll do with it.  Will she tell everyone, hoping to get Klaus undaggered?  Or will she not tell anyone because they might turn on her?  The other thing to consider is what Klaus will do when he is undaggered.  He'll be royally pissed at Elijah and Rebekah and rightfully so.  I'll grant that they didn't know the truth, but they still betrayed him and that never sits well with Klaus.  The other problem is that they need Klaus to fight Dahlia.  He is easily the most powerful and dangerous of all of them and he is willing to do things that they wouldn't even consider in order to accomplish his goals.

Part of the problem is that Freya is insisting that Elijah and Rebekah choose between her and Klaus.  Honestly, I am not sure which to choose.  Klaus is no good and seriously twisted, but he is also a known quantity.  Freya, on the other hand, is completely unknown and has been under the domination of their enemy for a thousand years.  Sorry, but I'd have a hard time trusting her too.  Did Klaus carry it too far?  Of course he did, but that is what Klaus does.

I'm going to miss Aiden, if only because he and Josh made such a cute couple.  It was good that he came clean to Jackson before the end.  He needed to tell Jackson exactly what happened and why, and that is what he did.  To be used like that, as a pawn in power games, had to suck.  RIP.

Until next week!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 6.18- I Could Never Love Like That

Elena has some serious qualms about continuing her life as a vampire, Stefan and Caroline continue their bloody tour of inhumanity, Damon tries to get Lily to help Stefan, Enzo gets a nasty shock, and Jo drops a serious bomb on Elena and Damon.

Since we nearing the end of Elena's time on The Vampire Diaries, I suspect that we are seeing the beginning of the end of her arc.  I am fairly certain that she will take the cure and leave the show, possibly (although hopefully not!) with Matt to settle down somewhere far away from vampires and Mystic Falls.  I could, of course, be wrong, so it will be interesting to see.   She is showing some seriously longing for a "normal" life, and Matt is becoming so anti-vampire. that I don't see the two of them lasting much longer on the show.  I do also have to wonder how the show will look without her, because she has been one of the central characters since it began.  I also wonder if that is why Caroline has become so much more prominent recently and why Jeremy was written out of the show.  They may be trying to pare down the cast for a final season.  I hate to say it, but I think this show has about run its course, so having a definitive final season would be a good thing so that they can wrap up storylines and maybe bring the show back to its glory days.

Stefan and Caroline are quite the nasty couple.  Between the two of them, they managed to populate the hospital with victims.  I did have to laugh at Caroline's "cheating" at the beginning of the episode.  I do have to agree with Stefan, using compulsion to scare someone to death is definitely cheating.  It was worth it for the moment when Matt and Tyler walked in on her singing karaoke.  Unfortunately for Caroline, Damon managed to coach Lily in what to say to Stefan to get his humanity turned back on.  The only question is if Stefan can manage to turn Caroline's humanity back on.  Given her rampage the last time they tried to turn it back on, I am not sure if his plan we saw in the preview for next week will work.

So, Lily turned Enzo into a vampire.  That makes him and the Salvatores brothers, well sort of brothers.  She is Enzo's vampiric "mother" after all.  I'm not sure how he will react when he finds out exactly who Lily is.  He might have figured it out already, which may have been why he chose to let Sarah go, but until they actually say he's figured it out, I'm assuming he still doesn't know yet.

Turns out Lily's vampiric family is actually a group of vampire magic leeches.  As Jo said, think Kai with vampiric bloodlust and a serious grudge against the Gemini Coven.  I do hope that at least one of them is as much fun as Kai was, because I seriously miss him.  My only question is that I still don't quite get how vampires can access magic.  We know that witches can't be vampires because they cannot be two magical creatures at the same time, the same reason Bonnie couldn't be a witch and the anchor at the same time and why Elena can't be the vampire and the Petrova Doppleganger at the same time.  I also get that vampires are magical creatures, but how can magical leeches also be vampires?  That seems to violate the rules that have been followed pretty scrupulously so far.  I really hope for a better explanation and fast.

For the next couple of weeks, my reviews for the show will be a little late because I will be at a conference and then on vacation, so please be patient because they will come out, I promise.

Until then!

Monday, April 13, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.18- Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Dahlia reveals herself is true Mikaelson fashion, Klaus makes and unlikely alliance to stop her, Hayley and Jackson come up with a plan to protect Hope, and Marcel and Elijah get some help to set up a sanctuary....

While she may not be in the direct Mikaelson line, Dahlia certainly has their flair for dramatic entrances and for theatrics.  First, she takes over people one at a time to creep out Hayley and Jackson, then takes over Jackson, and then she takes over an entire street full of people in order to get to Freya.  I think the last enemy to have this creepy of an entrance was Klaus himself back in Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries.  Dahlia is powerful, relentless, and has a deep desire to possess Hope, none of which is a good thing.  Taking over that many people had to have taken a lot of power, but she still managed to do it and then overpower Freya within seconds.  Add to that the fact that she was able to hold off Klaus, Elijah, and Mikael *AFTER* sharing some of her power with a few dozen possessed people and you have some serious mojo.  I swear that she came within inches of desiccating both Klaus and Mikael during their little battle.  And she looked like she was barely fazed by the whole thing.  We've see other witches slow the Mikaelsons with the brain magic thing, but no one has ever managed to completely hold them off that easily and using that much power without breaking a sweat.  Yeah, get scared.

I was surprised that Klaus made peace enough with Mikael in order to work with him to stop Dahlia.  That alone should tell you something.  If those two, who hate each other with a passion that is of biblical proportions, are forced to work together, something seriously bad is going down.  I do have to say that I enjoyed the acerbic remarks they aimed at each other.  That made the moment when Klaus killed Mikael somewhat poignant.  I think that the moment where Klaus was begging Mikael to tell him why he hated him, even before Mikael knew that Klaus wasn't his, was the closest I've seen Klaus to genuine tears besides the time he had to give up Hope.  He was back to being an injured little boy, struggling to be accepted by his father.  That may be one of the central tragedies of Klaus' life.  He was rejected by both of his parents, one because he was the product of an affair and the other because she made him a monster.  This is not meant to excuse anything Klaus has done, but it does give it a certain poetic tragedy.

I am not as sure as Jackson was that his plan to go to the bayou would be the best plan to protect Hope.  Granted, the bayou is the wolves' home territory, but if Dahlia is powerful enough to be unfazed when facing down three of the Mikaelsons, I doubt that a pack of wolves would be much of a threat to her, particularly seeing as all three of the Mikaelsons she defeated have ripped through packs of werewolves with little to no damage.  I am also not sure that the sanctuary would be powerful enough to hold Dahlia off for very long.  I am not sure how the magic Josephine cast worked, but given how powerful Dahlia is, I suspect that it could be disposed of in relatively short order.

Aiden was caught between his duty to his pack as a wolf and his desire to remain alive and in Klaus' good graces.  Fortunately, he has Josh in his corner, if he just has the sense to consult him and stop hiding stuff from him.  He (probably) also has Davina in his corner, given that Davina and Josh are tight.  I do have to wonder if Davina will be next on Dahlia's list given that Davina was the one who created the weapon that Klaus had.  I certainly hope not.

Until next week!

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.17- Exquisite Corpse

Klaus is bracing himself for the arrival Dahlia, so he tries to gather allies and information.  Rebekah is caught in Eva's body, so Elijah, Klaus, and Marcel search for a way to free her leading them to some unlikely places for answers.

Freya is going to be a problem.  If Klaus could unbend enough to trust her, she could be a useful ally, but he wont, and that is driving her further and further away, particularly since she now knows for sure that Klaus will never be able to trust her.  Is Klaus right to not trust her?  That is a difficult question.  Klaus has such trust issues that it is hard to imagine him truly trusting her, but he has never really given her the chance to prove herself.  Since she knows he won't ever trust her, she won't give him a reason to.  I also wonder how she plans to turn the family against him.  Elijah and Rebekah are so solidly with Klaus that I would imagine it taking a fair amount of effort to turn them against him.  Then again, maybe she could do something to make it look like they'll betray him and cause him to take actions that turn them against him.  This should be interesting.

Rebekah is now the sole possessor of Eva's body, thanks to Marcel, Vincent, Freya, Klaus, and Elijah.  The spell Freya performed was quite impressive.  The fact that she ultimately drew on power from both Elijah and Klaus shows just how powerful the spell was.  Using the magic from 2 Original vampires has got to be quite the power boost.  I found it interesting that she chose to stay in her current body.  Her reasoning makes sense, but it was a little unexpected.  She made a promise to Kol and she needs to be a witch to fulfill it.  Then there are the witch children still linked to her through Eva's spell, so if the body dies, they do too.  I would have thought that killing Eva would have ended the spell, but since the body is alive, I guess it makes sense that the spell is still active.

Watching Gia and Hayley work together and talk about Elijah was very cool.  It was nice to see that they were both so mature about the whole thing.  Gia knows that Elijah has deep feelings for Hayley, and is willing to accept that and since Hayley is married, she is more than willing to accept Gia with Elijah.  That conversation could so easily have gone sideways, so I was glad it didn't.

I'm not sure what to think of Esther's fate.  One the one hand, she deserved to die for everything she's done to her kids, but being destroyed that way could not have been pleasant.  Watching her and Freya go at each other verbally was sort of fun.  Freya hates her with every bone in her body because Esther gave her to Dahlia and Esther doesn't trust Freya because she was with Dahlia for 1,000 years.  Esther was clearly consumed with regret because losing Freya meant losing Mikael too, but (honestly) she didn't really have much of a choice.  Dahlia was infinitely more powerful for her and she did tell Esther the price of her help.  Regardless, Esther is now gone and Freya is firmly set on a path that will cause her to collide with Klaus.  This will not be pretty.

Which leaves us with Klaus.  As I said earlier, he needs every ally he can get his hands on to protect Hope from Dahlia, but he seems to go out of his way to piss potential allies off or to kill them.  He has serious trust issues and is a Grade A control freak, which coupled with his perpetual paranoia means that we have a situation that will grow increasingly volatile and make Klaus even worse leading to a self-perpetuating cycle.  Short of begging on his hands and knees he's lost Freya, Rebekah is not nearly powerful enough to face Dahlia, Davina is not inclined to help him, Jackson doesn't trust him, and now that Freya is a New Orleans witch, I don't see them helping him either.  His chances of emerging from a confrontation with Dahlia unscathed and with Hope is growing increasingly small and that will make him increasingly desperate, which means that he will be at his worst.  Did I say not pretty?  This will be downright ugly....

Until next week!