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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.19- When the Levee Breaks

Dahlia pushes everyone to their breaking point as she tries to acquire Hope, Klaus makes a miscalculation regarding his siblings, Hayley and Jackson make a decision, Aiden makes a choice, and Freya makes an ultimatum.

Like her or not, Dahlia is very smart.  She knows the Mikaelsons well enough to know that it won't take much to turn them against Klaus.  And, to be honest, it's not as if Klaus hasn't helped the process along.  He knows that he is not universally loved, but he seems to think that he is feared enough that people will not move against him.  And there, he could not be more wrong.  Granted, the wolves are not exactly much of a threat to him and there is no weapon (out of his control) that can kill him but he neglected to consider that there are weapons that can incapacitate him and that his own family could be compelled to turn against him in order to protect Hope.

Klaus' error lies not in his methods of maintaining control, but in his assessment of his siblings.  While Elijah and Rebekah are willing to go to great lengths to protect him and excuse what he has done, there are things (such as Hope) that can make them turn against him.  When she killed Aiden, Dahlia found one thing that would work.  Neither Rebekah nor Elijah has ever been as willing to turn to violence as Klaus has and they are also not quite as prone to terror.  In fact, Klaus' use of both of these is what has cause both of them to turn on him at some point or another.  Klaus' other error lay in the fact that he accepted the blame.  Granted, it was meant to show strength, but it was a bad decision.  However, is he said that he hadn't done it, I doubt that he would have been believed, so there you go.

Are Hayley and Jackson doing the right thing by running?  I doubt it.  Sorry, but given how easily Dahlia has managed to pick apart the wolves so far, I don't see them having a chance against her.  Even if that bracelet that Davina gave Hayley works, I have no doubt that Dahlia could find a way to track them if she truly wanted to.  The problem is that they, rightfully, don't trust Klaus' intentions.  What they don't seem to get is that Klaus can be very dangerous when he chooses to be and that he is determined to do everything in his power to protect his daughter from Dahlia.

Cami is the only person who knows the truth and I have to wonder what she'll do with it.  Will she tell everyone, hoping to get Klaus undaggered?  Or will she not tell anyone because they might turn on her?  The other thing to consider is what Klaus will do when he is undaggered.  He'll be royally pissed at Elijah and Rebekah and rightfully so.  I'll grant that they didn't know the truth, but they still betrayed him and that never sits well with Klaus.  The other problem is that they need Klaus to fight Dahlia.  He is easily the most powerful and dangerous of all of them and he is willing to do things that they wouldn't even consider in order to accomplish his goals.

Part of the problem is that Freya is insisting that Elijah and Rebekah choose between her and Klaus.  Honestly, I am not sure which to choose.  Klaus is no good and seriously twisted, but he is also a known quantity.  Freya, on the other hand, is completely unknown and has been under the domination of their enemy for a thousand years.  Sorry, but I'd have a hard time trusting her too.  Did Klaus carry it too far?  Of course he did, but that is what Klaus does.

I'm going to miss Aiden, if only because he and Josh made such a cute couple.  It was good that he came clean to Jackson before the end.  He needed to tell Jackson exactly what happened and why, and that is what he did.  To be used like that, as a pawn in power games, had to suck.  RIP.

Until next week!