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Monday, May 4, 2015

My Review of The Originals 2.21- Fire With Fire

Klaus and Dahlia wreaks havoc on everyone who stands in their way, Rebekah takes a desperate step, and Davina takes a major new step...

Let's start with Davina.  She is now the Regent of the witches in New Orleans.  Given everything about her, this is a little surprising, but not overly so.  She has been separated from the witches for some time because of her affiliation with Marcel, but her sheer power and knowledge of the vampiric community should stand her in good stead as she leads the witches.  She is definitely not being shy about her power and why she is needed.  That is what we call justified arrogance.  Davina is one of the few people to stand toe to toe with the Mikaelsons and survive.  I have the feeling that Davina and the witches will be needed to defeat Dahlia, but I could be wrong.

Klaus played everyone something fierce and got his revenge all at the same time.  That is what I call effective acting.  If he didn't go after his siblings and the pack for betraying him and running off with Hope respectively, that would have put Dahlia on alert because one of Klaus' most enduring traits is his desire for revenge against those who wronged him.  I wasn't sure something was up until Klaus bit Cami.  He does care for her and has done so much to protect her that I don't see him purposefully hurting her.  So what exactly did he figure out and communicate to her about Dahlia's weakness?  Who is the witch that she cares about the most?  It's not Freya, so my bets are on either Hope or Dahlia herself.  If it is Dahlia, then by binding herself to Klaus, it is entirely possible that he could use his own blood to create the weapon to kill her.  Ok, that may be a little out there, but it would help explain his actions.

Using Dahlia to recast the Crescent Curse on Hayley, and therefore on the pack linked to her, was one of the nastier things Klaus has ever done.  Given that Hayley took their daughter away from him, I am not surprised that he was furious at her.  This particular punishment accomplishes two things.  First off, it gets him Hope.  Secondly, it removes the wolves from the equation in New Orleans.  If Klaus wants to make sure that they survive, that may be the best way.  I also guarantee you that this is going to give us a pissed off Hayley if/when the curse is broken.

Using Marcel and Gia to get revenge on Rebekah and Elijah was also a nasty move on Klaus' part.  He punished both of them while using that punishment to get himself into a position where Dahlia trusts him.  Betraying Klaus is *ALWAYS* a bad idea and he reminded everyone why it is so bad.  Klaus is one of the nastiest customers around because he can read people and figure out what areas to press to hurt them the most.  I also suspect that by forcing Rebekah to make a choice between her current body and her own body, Klaus is trying to give himself another advantage.  Rebekah's vampire body is more powerful than her current body and she is much more comfortable in it, which will mean that Klaus will have that much more of an advantage during the final showdown with Dahlia.

The major downside to what Klaus did is that he has managed to piss everyone off.  Granted, there was a good reason behind it (ie to ingratiate himself to Dahlia), but he will still have to figure out how to get them to work with him against Dahlia.  I also wonder if they'll be able to wake Freya from the sleep Dahlia forced her into.  Given that Rebekah is no longer a witch, unless Davina is willing to make the weapon against Dahlia, the Mikaelsons can't fight Dahlia without Freya.

Anyone else looking forward to next week?